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Jade Small
March 25, 2024 ·  3 min read

This May Not Look Like An Ugly House, But Wait Until You Look Inside

An ugly house was put on the market for sale in 2013. It was seemingly beautiful on the outside and in a great location. It attracted many viewers, but as soon as they saw the inside, they realized a whole new meaning to the phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s take a look inside and see why so many people passed on buying said property. We have included some other houses that went through similar ordeals for your entertainment.

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover, the Ugly House Saga

Buying your dream house is a seriously exciting affair. However, it requires a large amount of patience. There is a lot to take into consideration. Firstly, it would need to have enough rooms for the whole family or have the ability to host your business if you work from home. Secondly, it would need to be in an appropriate area, so location is key. Is it near to amenities? Does the neighborhood feel safe? Or are there good schools nearby for your children to attend? These are all great questions to ask when buying a home.

The pursuit of a dream home is something many families, young couples, and even retired citizens embark on. In 2013, a house was put onto the market for sale, and many people thought it was ideal for living in. The online ad made it look like the opposite of an ugly house. It attracted a lot of potential buyers. But, when they came for the viewing and saw the inside of the house, they quickly changed their minds. But why?

Ugly house is beautiful from the outside
Image credit: Bored daddy / Right Move

Purple… Purple Everywhere!

Upon entering the home, people were shocked at how much purple bombarded their vision. Every inch of the house’s interior was purple. This included the carpets, the walls, the ceiling, the finishings, and the furniture. This amount of one color is a lot to deal with, let alone such a vibrant shade of one of the most prominent colors on the color wheel.

The lounge was purple from top to toe.

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Purple covered every inch of every room
Image credit: Right Move

Every Room in the Ugly House Has the Same Appeal

You might expect the interior to change as you move from the main room or the living room. Surely one person cannot deal with so much of the same color burning through their vision? Well, it seems the original owner had a deep passion for purple. Either way, they were color-blind, and the designer decided to play a cruel trick on them.

The kitchen was purple from inch to inch, including a deep purple granite countertop. The only other color you can see in this house is white, and many artists would argue that white is not even a color.

Next, we step into the bathroom of the ugly house. This room was also decorated in lavish purple shades (surprise, surprise), with the purple carpet running around the side of the bath. It is easy to guess the previous owner’s favorite color. However, this style is not for everyone. At the price of $5 million, many turned away. The price was so high for such an ugly house, it didn’t leave much room for renovations.

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