30 Photos Of Things You’ll Be Glad You Haven’t Seen Before

Over the years, mankind has had a tendency to follow the path favored by few. From their curiosity, humans have uncovered some of the most amazing phenomena anybody has ever seen before. There are many great mysteries that have yet to be explored or even discovered yet. However, we believe these interesting photos might be some of the most incredible discoveries ever made. Although, you might wish you never saw some of these photos at all.

1. The Interesting Harpy Eagle Photo

The first interesting photo we’d like to share is the world’s biggest eagle. The Harpy Eagle is known to be the largest eagle in the entire world. Even larger than the Golden Eagle, this colossal raptor isn’t afraid of humans. Some even believe that the giant eagle is just a person in a bird costume. They have no natural predators and anybody can walk right up to them. However, because they aren’t afraid of humans, this makes them very easy to kill. In fact, The Harpy Eagles were originally found in southern Mexico through Central and South America. Due to hunting, there have been fewer sightings of the Harpy Eagle. (1)

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2. The Interesting Cherry Blossom Tunnel In Germany Photo

This second interesting photo is one of the most beautiful sites to behold. As a gift from Japan to Germany in the 1980s, this street is blooming with cherry blossoms. This interesting photo is very rare as the cherry blossoms have a very short blooming period. You can walk through this enchanting flower tunnel in Bonn, Germany. (2)

Image Credit: Reddit / Sapulinjing

3. The Interesting Saint Bartholomew Photo

This next interesting photo may make you cringe when you realize what the photo is about. The statue of Saint Bartholomew was created by Marco d’Agrate and can be found in the Cathedral of Milan. The story goes that Saint Bartholomew was a Christian martyr that was allegedly skinned alive. However, if you look closely at the details, that isn’t a blanket wrapped around him. (3)

Image Credit: Reddit / eternalrefuge86

4. Vietnamese Mossy Frogs

At first glance, you might have thought this person was holding little balls of moss. However, if you look closely at the interesting photo, you’ll notice that this moss is actually alive! These are Vietnamese mossy frogs and this is how they protect themselves from predators. The frogs look just like little pebbles or rocks covered in moss. Additionally, they tuck themselves into a tight little ball when they get scared as to blend in with their surroundings. (4)

Image Credit: Reddit / indiaviews

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5. The Elemental Force Of Wind

This next interesting photo has everything to do with mother nature. As we all know that nature can be a very unforgiving force of power sometimes. This photo that was taken in Greenough, Western Australia shows a tree that was windswept into an entirely new formation. In addition, these are known as the leaning trees of Greenough. The winds in this part of Australia are so strong that all the trees look like this one. (5)

Image Credit: Reddit / justmyaccount624

6. Marie Curie’s Tomb

This next interesting photo has everything to do with science. Marie Curie was quite possibly one of the most prestigious scientists of her time. Her research and studies on radiation have been detrimental to the world of science as she discovered a new element known as Polonium. However, her body took an immense toll the more she studied and researched the effects of radiation. Additionally, Curie’s tomb is lined with an inch thick layer of lead. This is to protect visitors from being exposed to Curie’s irradiated remains. (6)

Image Credit: Reddit / -Schroeder-

7. Interesting Photo Of A Stingray Skeleton

Many people are under the impression that stingrays don’t have a lot of bones because of how floppy they are. People have even often referred to these creatures as the ‘pancakes of the sea’. Well, we must inform you that stingrays actually contain a lot of bones. However, these bones are actually made of cartilage. This allows them to be flexible underwater as well as malleable to any forces of nature. (7)

Image Credit: Reddit / DopeyBoi123

8. Interesting Photo Of Old And New Pyramid Of Giza

Time has a funny way of altering beautiful things into something else. Take the pyramids of Giza for example. Over the years, the wear and tear of the pyramids have become more visible. However, the way the pyramids use to look is a completely different story. The white limestone and golden triangle tip were much more jaw-dropping 4,000 years ago. The pyramids of Giza are still amazing, they just look a little different today. (8)

Image Credit: Reddit / Subieking0418

9. Owl’s Have The Longest Legs Ever

Owl’s in general are very fluffy with feathers. It’s hard to know just how big these birds actually are because of how fluffy they get. However, you won’t believe just how long owl’s legs are underneath all that feathery fluff. It makes sense as they need these long legs to snatch up their prey as they fly. Additionally, owls look like they’re wearing feathery pants all the time. (9)

Image Credit: Reddit / GallowBoob

10. Interesting Photo Of The Original Voldemort Face

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, then you may already know about this secret. The original face of Lord Voldemort was actually a lot more horrifying than what they used. When they were going to produce this scene of Prof. Quill unraveling his turban revealing Voldemort, the face was claimed ‘too scary’ for kids. I truly would’ve had nightmares for months as a child if they used the original face for the movies. (10)

Image Credit: Reddit / ZapForTheWing

11. The Cornwall Sinkhole

This interesting photo shows just how dangerous and how deep a sinkhole can go. The Cornwall sinkhole in Britain opened up mere inches away from a neighborhood home. Fortunately, nobody was hurt or fell into the sinkhole but remains a large inconvenience. The sinkhole itself stretches 300 feet deep into a medieval mine shaft that’s existed for a long time. The earth finally gave in to pressure and created this horrifying entrance into the unknown. Watch your step! (11)

Image Credit: Reddit / TwoSquareClocks

12. Interesting Photo Of Puffer Fish Skeleton

Sea creatures have some of the most unique skeletal structures! Just like the stingray skeleton, the pufferfish has a lot of tiny intricate bones. They all link together that make the frame of the fish that is also able to expand. Every single spine you see on the pufferfish is an actual bone in its body. Reminds me of the Hoberman sphere toys kids play with. (12)

Image Credit: Reddit / njetak

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13. Japan’s Beautiful ‘Crop Circle’ Forest

Japan has one of the most beautiful circular forests due to an experiment in 1973. The reason why they are claimed as ‘crop circles’ is because the forest itself from above looks perfectly circular. The experiment was to research growth and tree spacing. The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries have maintained this experiment for years. As a result, the forest now looks like this and it’s absolutely stunning. (13)

Image Credit: Reddit / Ordner

14. Interesting Photos Of Sunsets From Space

Some of the most interesting things that occur always happen when you’re in space. Fortunately, we have people in space who capture these interesting moments for us. Thanks to ESA astronaut, Alex Gerst, who took this incredible picture of the sunset clouds from space. This interesting photo shows what a sunset looks like from outside the atmosphere and it’s absolutely breathtaking. (14)

Image Credit: Reddit / armyfidds

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15. Elephants Ate A Crop And Got Drunk

Elephants have a tendency for having as much fun as possible. Especially when you’re entire herd is together and you want to celebrate. For this group of fourteen elephants, that means eating all the corn wine crops to get drunk. They ate so much corn wine that the elephants eventually just blacked out right there in the nearby tea garden. (15)

Image Credit: Reddit / ADarkcid

16. Interesting Photo Of Fish Skin Grafting

Medical science has evolved a lot over the years and our understanding of the human body has expanded. One of the latest breakthroughs in medical procedures is grafting fish skin onto burned victims. As the fish skin settles on the patient, cells from the body will form around the damaged area. In this process, the cells turn the fish skin into new living tissue for the body. We are so close to becoming merfolk! (16)

Image Credit: Reddit / QueenMuda

17. Star Wars Set Still Exists

Believe it or not, there’s an abandoned set from the Star Wars movie in the Tunisian Desert. The set, the props, the port-a-potties are all still there in the middle of nowhere. What makes this abandoned set even eerier is how the desert has worn it down over time. It almost looks like an actual ghost town from the photos. However, terrorism and revolution have made it very difficult to visit this place anymore. (17)

Image Credit: Reddit / bhavjotpahuja

18. The Fearless Yorkshire Terrier Therapy Dog

There have definitely been some credible dogs out there we absolutely adore and love. However, Smoky the fearless Yorkshire terrier might be one of the best stories. Serving in the second world war, Smoky went on 12 combat missions, about 150 air raids, and was awarded 8 stars for her service. Smoke lived from 1943–1957 and was given a proper burial in Cleveland Metroparks. She was an idol and beloved friend for many in the military. (18)

Image Credit: Reddit / jab116

19. 1912 Playground Shows Different Idea Of ‘Safety’

Playgrounds have evolved quite a bit since the 1900s. Specifically, the safety of playgrounds has evolved over the years. This interesting photo that was taken in 1912 shows children playing on an old jungle gym in Texas while their parents are at work. Apparently, this park served as a haven for children that had nothing to do while parents were away. No supervision, no padding, no rules, and a lot of fun. (19)

Image Credit: Reddit / lyon-

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20. Interesting 3D Printed Sun Dial Photo

Technology has also developed to an incredible point where we can print the things we want. Some have taken this to a whole new level and have invented some amazing things. Take this 3D-printed sundial for example. Not only does this work but the grooves inside the dial display a readable and accurate time on the ground in shadows. As the sun moves in position, the time changes accordingly in the shadow of the sundial. (20)

Image Credit: Reddit / r-slash-randomname

21. Too Many Crocs To Count

The Everglades National Park that’s located in Florida has a large coexistence of crocodiles and alligators. Together, there are more than 200,000 of these reptiles that wander the park. The state of Florida itself has over 1.5 million crocodiles and alligators. This interesting photo shows you just how many of these scaly friends lurk in the waters of the park. However, crocodiles and alligators prefer not to eat people but it would be wise to keep your distance. (21)

Image Credit: Reddit / hiimcoleman

22. The Immortal Tree Trunk

Located in the Crater Lake National Park of Oregon, USA stands a lone stump. The stump is believed to be an old hemlock tree that has refused to fall even while being submerged in the cold velvet blue water. Given the name ‘the old man’, the stump has been in the same spot since 1896. (22)

Image Credit: Reddit / taykaybo

23. Interesting 10,000 Year Old Carving Photo

This interesting photo shows a giraffe carving found in the Sahara Desert that dates back more than 10,000 years ago. This carving puts a lot into speculation about the desert. If this carving of giraffes existed 10,000 years ago, then maybe the desert wasn’t always a desert. Many believe that the Sahara Desert use to be lush and vibrantly green. (23)

Image Credit: Reddit / YoloForJesusChrist

24. Temple Carved From The Mountains

The Kailasa Temple is the largest temple carved from a mountain located in Ellora, India. The temple was finished being carved in the 8th century AD. Quite possibly one of the largest attractions in India to this day. The temple is utterly detailed and elaborate with beautiful designs. (24)

Image Credit: Reddit / Mikehuntpunt91

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25. Interesting 1930’s Passenger Plane Photo

The way people use to fly may not exactly be our standards of how we fly today. Airplanes in the 1900’s were made much differently and look really scary. This interesting photo shows what the inside of a passenger plane looks like in the 1930’s. Would you be brave enough to get on this plane for your air travel needs? (25)

Image Credit: Reddit / DrFetusRN

26. Warrior’s Helmet Comes With Warrior’s Skull

Recovered from the Battle of Marathon, during the first Persian invasion of Greece in 490 BC, is this warriors helmet as well as the warrior’s skull. The skull was still lodged inside the Corinthian helmet and was discovered in 1834. This warriors helmet resembles a lot of what you might see in the movies. Perhaps this is what they used as a reference when designing costumes. (26)

Image Credit: Reddit / joekadi

27. Interesting Photo Shows Bees Killing Murder Hornet

If you’ve been keeping up with current events, murder hornets from Asia have entered North America for the first time. This doesn’t bode well for honeybees as murder hornets specialize in taking out colonies of honeybees. As a defense, the entire colony of honeybees swarms the murder hornet to cook it to death. The small honeybees can withstand the high temperature but the murder hornets cannot. This photo shows a helpless murder hornet being attacked by hundreds of honeybees. (27)

Image Credit: Reddit / gasthefurries420

28. 1930’S Neon Salesmen

Would you believe that neon salesmen actually existed back then? In 1930, when neon was still becoming a trend, salesmen carried samples in a briefcase to display to potential buyers. They would flick off the main lights and open the case up to reveal the colorful array of neon lights. (28)

Image Credit: Reddit / ClandesTyne

29. The Most Horrifying PPE Mask

When the pandemic hit the country, many people started getting creative with their PPE. Take this man for example who’s mask is very disturbing at a first glance. He’s a special effects designer and put his talents to good use. Not only is he scaring the virus away but along with many horrified people who see him wear this mask in public. (29)

Image Credit: Reddit / GallowBoob

30. Man Saved By TV Show From Being Accused Of Murder

Thanks to the TV show known as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Juan Catalan was proven innocent in an investigation that he allegedly murdered a teenage girl. After spending 6 months in jail, Catalan was finally able to produce an alibi. The TV show had actual footage of him and his six-year-old daughter at a Dodgers game proving that he wasn’t the murderer. I wonder what Larry David thinks about this. (30)

Image Credit: Reddit / Eels_from_space

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