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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 19, 2024 ·  8 min read

22 Images That Are Painfully True, But Hurt All At The Same Time

Hilariously sad- that is the state of the world today. The situation that we go through every day is so precarious- where the pendulum swings between it being pathetic and then being quite funny. There would often be times when we look at things differently throughout the day- which would allow us to see how sad it is or how funny it could be. Maybe on an even day, you feel down because of it.

But the next day, it simply serves as a reminder of how funny and miserable the world is around us. So, let’s see the top 22 posts on social media platforms that do highlight the hilariously pathetic state of our generation, which is painfully true, nevertheless. 

22 Posts That Show The Condition Of Our Generation

1. Sometimes, the rent is costlier than the mortgage

Hol’ up, let me just save my pennies for a downpayment while I pay $2000 in rent for a hole in the wall. And no, I don’t eat avocado toast.

2. Retirement- What Is Retirement?

If we were to think about retirement today, we would probably be depressed tomorrow. The ideal thing to do would be to work until the day we die. 

3. Our Parents Had It Easy

Gone are the days when you can literally have enough savings to buy a condo in Manhattan. Nowadays, you will be lucky enough to get a hovel on rent. 

4. Money Might Not Buy Happiness- But It Definitely Buys A Good Life

Most of us aren’t looking for gold-emblazoned Rolls Royces parked along with our Ferraris. We are just looking for enough money that will allow us to not worry about our next meal. 

5. What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance is for those who have a stable income over the course of their life. What we have is seasonal or, at most- semi-stable. 

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Image Credits: Reddit | u/PleasantForce

6. The Future Is Bleak

Save for the future when you think there is a future worth saving. Else, what is money good for tomorrow- when it can’t help you survive today? 

7. Owning A Home Has Never Been As Difficult As It Is Today

The amount of money that allowed one to buy a palatial mansion in the 1970s is probably enough to buy a trailer vehicle today. The real estate prices have shot through the roof and is our generation feeling the brunt of it. 

8. School Shootings And Police Inaction

If you have ever seen a SWAT team break down a shanty house because there were rumors of drug deals going on, ask them if they would still do the same if this was an active school shooting going on. Would they still have the bravado?

9. Toxic Masculinity

The generations preceding us have ingrained such traits of toxic masculinity, that the current generation is divided on what it means to be a man. And the answer is- there is no correct answer, unfortunately.

Image Credits: Reddit | u/KaselsWaifu


10. Death Over Debt

You may never know, but your neighbor could be choosing death over treating a treatable illness- simply because they would find themselves crushed under hospital debts. Would that even be a life?

11. Corporations Don’t Have A Soul

Don’t put your trust or belief that a private corporation has your best interests at heart. Rather- they have their best interests over everything else. And if they can score some extra thousand pounds making a mess out of you, they would do it with a smile. 

12. The American ‘Dream’

Or, is it the big American tragedy? What use is a degree if it comes with crippling debt and no home?

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13. The Rich Gets Richer

Expecting a billionaire to truly be charitable is like expecting a mosquito to donate blood- it goes against the law of nature. 

14. Ban Everything But Guns

It is illegal to abort a fetus, be gay, be trans, or write something against the government. But what is not illegal is waving an AR-15 in the middle of the road and shooting up a government building. 

Image Credits: Reddit | u/Necessary_Time8273

15. Credit Sharks Are The Worst

If you repay your debt too late, you are punished for it. If you repay your debt too early, you are punished for it as well. What do you do in this situation?

Image Credits: Reddit | u/MonsterJuiced

16. A Bartender Makes More Than A Teacher

Guess it is more profitable to open up more bars than schools. 

Image Credits: Reddit | u/Shadowheart117

17. How Much Money Can You Dream About?

The only solace- the private corporations, the uber elite, crippling finances, debts, and budget cuts have not been able to take out our dreams. But where is the deadline?

18. Housing Pods- Sounds Too Similar To Prison Cells

Just that you are not punished by a court to reside in one. But everything else remains the same. Your freedom is absolutely null and void. 

Image Credits: Reddit | u/nimuehehe

19. Minimum Wage Is Really Minimal

Maybe our situation would have taken a turn for the better if our minimum wage was raised higher. But as it turns out, our politicians are living fossils who think it is enough to survive on $100 a month. 

Image Credits: Reddit | u/Kyleforshort

20. Food Is Expensive, Housing Is Expensive, Clothes Are Expensive- What Do We Do?

When your groceries for $40 don’t even last you a couple of days, who do you end up cursing? Your family for not being rich, or your employer for not paying enough money?

21. It’s Not Our Choice, It Is A Compulsion

No one WANTS to be a bartender, a delivery guy, or a KFC joint worker. Our conditions force us to take that up. 

22. Spiderman Might Not Have Medical Insurance

Else, why would he not go to a doctor the immediate moment he was bitten by a spider and his wrist swelled up to the size of a golf ball? 

So, let’s be honest- none of the posts here are funny. Or even hilariously sad. They are just painfully true, and a reminder of what every day brings for us.

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