corner of pink room with a dogs head purdruing from e wall with its body coming out of the other

Mind-bending optical illusion shows an animal – and everyone sees it differently

Today’s optical illusion is a baffling one, to say the least. In fact, it is so baffling that J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, also took to Twitter to share her confusion!

The puzzle, that has gone rapidly viral, is believed to have been created based on the theory that our brain carries out different functions in different parts. This means that a right-sided brain will see a different animal than a left-sided brain.

But, there was a twist with this particular optical illusion. Several users replied that they saw another third animal, apart from the two that are supposed to be there!


What Do You See In The Optical Illusion?

Here is the confusing optical illusion:

Image Credits: Twitter

So, according to the creators of the puzzle, those who have left-sided brains should see a mermaid first. On the other hand, those who have right-sided brains should see a donkey first. (Or maybe a seal?)

As such, 56-year-old Rowling posted on Twitter that “it’s a donkey, though.” Other users replied that they could not spot the mermaid or fish even after trying their hardest.


Not surprisingly, the reactions to the image were mixed.

One wrote: “My brain is broken because I don’t know how anyone can see a fish or a mermaid. I do see the donkey if I try but all I see is a seal.

Even more, users raised questions as to whether there actually is a mermaid of a fish, as the creators claim. Most of them claimed to be able to see either a donkey or a seal. Some, in rare cases, even reported seeing a kangaroo or a dog!

But what you see may reveal a bit about how your brain works as well. If you are left-brained, then you are likely to be more analytical and logical. Right-brained people are usually more intuitive and creative.

Nevertheless, the psychological theory behind brain lateralization states that the brain performs distinct functions in distinct regions. But the theory that individuals may have a stronger right or left side has been successfully disproved. It’s just which side the brain prefers to use more.


So what did you see in the optical illusion? We would love to hear about it in the comments! And share it with your friends and family to see which animal they notice as well.

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