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Matthew Perry Apologizes After Keanu Reeves Passages in New Book Leave Fans Baffled

Matthew Perry is well known for his role in the TV show Friends, where he played the cheeky but lovable Chandler. Throughout his career, he has been candid about his struggles with addictions. Now, everyone has the opportunity to read about his life, as he has put it all down in a memoir. Since its release, sections of the book have been highlighted by the media where Perry passes some questionable comments about Keanu Reeves.


Matthew Perry grieves his friend

The memoir of Matthew Perry was released on November 1st. It is titled, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” and promises an inside look into the life of the Friends actor. It describes the deep connections he had with his costars and his friends within the industry. Moreover, he talks about his struggles with alcohol and drugs. One of his close friends, River Phoenix, struggled alongside him, and eventually died of an overdose in 1993.

Perry mourned the loss of his friend and still does to this day. In his memoir, he wrote about his friend, and how beautiful of a person he was. “River was a beautiful man, inside and out — too beautiful for this world, it turned out. It always seems to be the really talented guys who go down,” reads the memoir.

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He “walks among us

Then, with a hint of resentment, Matthew Perry wrote, “Why is it that the original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us? River was a better actor than me; I was funnier. But I certainly held my own in our scenes — no small feat, when I look back decades later.””

Matthew Perry described River Phoenix’s death, and you can almost feel his anguish through his words. River had been struggling with his own addictions, and they had got worse nearing his death. He eventually died of an overdose of cocaine and heroin. “I heard the screaming from my apartment; went back to bed; woke up to the news,” wrote Perry.

When the news of River’s death finally reached Matthew Perry, he did not receive it well. In his memoir he described the moment candidly. “I punched a hole through Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room wall when I found out.” He then added, “Keanu Reeves walks among us.”

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Perry apologizes

The excerpts about Keanu Reeves that were published by various news sites have definitely raised an eyebrow or two. People have been questioning why he used Keanu’s name, and what his intentions were behind his words. Matthew Perry made a statement to the press saying it was all a mistake. Reportedly, Perry said he used the first actor’s name that came to his head, and he should have used his own name. “I’m actually a big fan of Keanu,” stated Perry. “I just chose a random name, my mistake. I apologize. I should have used my own name instead.”

Perry described that he believed his life’s purpose was to write his memoir in the hopes that it will inspire someone who is struggling like he was. “There has to be some reason why I’m still here, having done all of this crazy stuff, and I came to the conclusion it’s to write a book that will help people who are going through the same thing that I am, or did,” Perry says. “Plus, I wanted the general public to realize how hard it was to quit and not be judgmental for people who are using. Because it is really, really hard.”

He continued saying, “It’s not an ego journey or anything like that. It’s the cold, hard truth about being an addict. Who made it. Who has to make it every day. The work you have to put in every day to save yourself from this monster that lives in your brain is a baffling thing to live with.”

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