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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
January 19, 2024 ·  4 min read

Man who has lived on raw meat (including chicken) for three years says his body is filled with energy

We’ve heard of the raw food diet, however, that is usually just a more extreme version of veganism. Humans, at least in some cultures, have also been eating raw fish for thousands of years. Nowadays, going out for sushi is one of the trendiest dinners you can buy. But a raw meat diet? That is something else entirely. This man says he’s been eating a raw meat diet for three years and he’s never felt better. (1)

Man Has Been Eating A Raw Meat Diet For Years

For Weston Rowe, a typical lunch includes a pound of raw meat, half a pound of unsalted butter, and three or four raw eggs on the side. What kind of raw meat, you ask? Well, really, anything goes. The man eats beef, liver, brain if he can find it, and even chicken. Not only does he say he’s never been sick, but he also says that he’s never felt better.

“I am in better health both physically and mentally, better than I’ve ever been in my life,” Rowe says. “It is very controversial, but I believe that raw meat has a natural balance of bacteria on it which works symbiotically with our bodies and serves a purpose.”

He says he eats beef, liver, chicken, and other animal organs all sourced from his local poultry and dairy farms. Rowe also eats raw eggs, butter, and will make homemade ice cream using cream, milk, eggs, and honey from time to time. Occasionally he includes some fruit and the odd baked potato.

More Energy

He claims that eating this way has provided him with more energy, he feels less “foggy”, and he no longer has issues with eczema. He isn’t spending any more money on food than he was before, either. He spends about $140 per week on groceries. The difference, he says, is in where that money is going. It used to go to junk food, now it goes to farm-raised meat, eggs, and some dairy.

“The way I see it, it is a fair amount to pay to eat the best and most nutritious food in the world and actually equates to a similar amount I used to spend on junk food,” he says.

The Controversy

He knows that his diet is controversial, however, he claims that he doesn’t let other people’s negative comments bother him. At home, it’s just he and his two dogs, so he doesn’t have to cater to anyone else. He also says his friends and family have been supportive of his choices.

Of course, his diet is controversial and not recommended by most dietitians and nutritionists. Ignoring the fact that he is eating something that could potentially make you very sick, his diet lacks variety and many important food groups. Other than the few pieces of fruit he eats here and there, he makes no mention of eating any vegetables. These contain important micronutrients for our health that you just don’t get from animal products. 

His claims that he has more energy are more likely to do with the fact that he is no longer eating processed foods, junk foods, and fast foods than the fact that the meat is raw. His diet is likely significantly lower in chemicals and other things that were causing his sluggish, foggy state as well as eczema.

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What About Food Poisoning?

Rowe claims that he has “never even been anywhere close to being sick” since starting this new diet. Still, it is a very risky dietary choice to make. Eating undercooked or raw meat, particularly poultry and pork, can lead to some pretty serious illnesses. These include (2):

  • E. coli
  • Salmonella
  • Campylobacter

These illnesses can cause serious vomiting and diarrhea, and can even result in death.

“We would never recommend people eat chicken that is not cooked thoroughly as there is too great a risk of food poisoning,” said Dr. Frankie Phillips of the British Dietetic Association.

So how has Rowe gone three years eating “hundreds of pounds of raw chicken” without a single instance of food poisoning? Well, if this is true and he has never been sick at all, then he is likely just very lucky. Also, sourcing all of his meat directly from the farmers and of very high quality definitely helps. Still, this is not a diet that dietitians suggest for anyone. (3)

The Bottom Line

Again, eating this way lacks the extremely important food group which is vegetables. Beyond that, eating too much protein can also be bad for the body and lead to something called ketosis. Your brain, which requires carbohydrates to function properly, goes into starvation mode. Some types of brain cells use only glucose for energy – without that, they cannot function. This can further lead to ketoacidosis, which causes your blood to become acidic and can be extremely dangerous and harmful to your brain and body. (4)

If you are occasionally eating raw meat that is a part of certain cultures, such as sushi or tartare, know the risks. If you do get sick and you are not seeing improvements in a few days with regular fluid and rest protocols, go see your doctor. As always, eating raw meat is not recommended for anyone. 

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