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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 27, 2024 ·  3 min read

Are You a Leader or a Listener? Take This Optical Illusion ‘Test’ and Find Out

Optical illusions are entertaining but can also be telling. Telling of who someone may be, what they value, how their brain works, and so on. This intriguing brain teaser created by Milian Yilin claims to be a sort of personality test.

Her instructions are simple. Spend 3 seconds looking at the picture. There are two possible scenes one might see. Some people will see a panther and falcon on a cliffside. In comparison, others will see a woman’s face in the branches.

Optical Illusion or Personality Test

A panther and falcon resting in a tree above a rock and mountainous background.
Photo Credit: @Mia_Yilin | TikTok

In most cases, people who first see the panther and falcon are known as reliable, goal oriented, and well liked. “You’re a natural leader and like to keep things under control by being in charge.” Yilin Explained. “That is not to say that you’re a tyrant, but rather a charismatic and capable manager. In times of need, people turn to you for advice because they know they can always depend on you to make things right.”

While those who first see the woman, might be more laid back. “You are a very patient person. You are okay with the challenges and trials that come with life and prefer to go with the flow.” She said. “You’re not a pushover, you just like to be the bigger man and rise above conflicts by compromising and listening to what others have to say.”

Although her optical illusion hasn’t been scientifically backed many have commented on the accuracy of her creation. “Why is this so accurate?!” Said one viewer. “Wow, you really know my personality!” Exclaimed another.

Other Popular Brain Teasers

Photo Credit: NewOpticalIllusions

This interesting optical illusion isn’t the only one that has gone viral for capturing the attention of the internet. For example, the Ponzo Optical Illusion was popular for playing tricks on the mind. It is a visual of two lines drawn, over what appears to be a railroad track. Although the lines are the same length, the illusion is that the lines appear to be different lengths.

Meanwhile, the Kanizsa triangle illusion is one in which the viewer perceives an extra triangle that hasn’t actually been drawn out.

Interestingly, the moon has also played tricks on people’s minds, appearing larger on the horizon than in the sky. While there has been some debate regarding the cause, it’s most likely the result of how close the moon appears to be to the Earth. However, there are other factors like atmospheric haze. Or the moon’s color.

The Science of Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are fun to do on your own or use to trick friends and family. However, understanding how they play tricks on the brain is incredibly fascinating. It has long been believed that optical illusions are caused by “limitations” between our eyes and neurons. Our brains often add or take away from things based on previous knowledge. For example, when words are misspelled, our brains can still perceive them as the intended words, assuming they contain most of their original letters. In contrast, a new study finds that optical illusions, and how they work, may actually be “more straightforward”. The study was originally designed to see how animals may see color. Still, it can actually be helpful when developing optical illusions because the study can “predict” the illusions that people will see correctly or incorrectly.

“The team developed a computational model based on efficient coding, and it considers the limited neural bandwidth and contrast sensitivity functions to predict color appearance.” Shares William Haseltine. This simple and generalizable model could predict almost all visual phenomena and illusions without requiring high-level processes. This suggests that limited bandwidth and efficient coding can explain many complex visual phenomena.”

Optical illusions are generally mystifying, a fun way to trick ourselves and others. Oddly, in this unique case, the creator has pretty accurately been able to “predict” the personality types of her audiences. Who knows, it may be used in the future by prospective employers or mental health professionals to understand their candidates or clients better.

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