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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 4, 2024 ·  3 min read

After People Kept Cutting Across His Lawn, This Man Hatched A Master Plan

Frustrated with the constant flow of traffic over his lawn, a poster’s TikTok went viral. Thomas Lyons shows the ingenious idea he had to deter people from destroying his beautifully kept grass. Comments on TikTok were mixed and the video titled “when people won’t stop cutting across your lawn…” has got people talking.

The video starts off with a trespasser cutting through his lawn to save time on their commute which may have maybe shaved 30 seconds off of their travel time. The next thing you know, they walk across the grass and then get assaulted with a steady jet of water that has been aimed directly at them.

TikTok user protecting his lawn
Video Credit: @tgunz81 on TikTok

How does this setup protect his lawn?

He further went on to elaborate that the system that he installed has been fully automated. That it senses someone crossing his lawn, triggering the jet of water that sprays directly at the target. As one can imagine, this left viewers divided. Mentioning that it’s just grass. If you spent a fortune and hours every week on maintaining the perfect lawn, would you not want to keep it in good shape too?

Negative opinions poured in

Never understood why walking on the lawn was such a bad thing,” wrote @wolf_man89. “It’s grass.”Girl just let those kids get home a minute faster,” another viewer annoyingly commented. Another complained that it’s actually “rude” to stop strangers from trespassing on your lawn. They may need to “go somewhere fast without access to vehicles.”

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Many followers defended the proud lawn owner

Some viewers were way more understanding about the frustration, further commenting that Thomas was well within his rights to protect something he has worked so hard on. Maintaining beautiful grass is extremely difficult and time-consuming and nobody should be allowed to just ruin that.

“It isn’t just about walking on the grass. We owners have to clean up the garbage they drop, replace grass that is being killed by constant foot traffic,” @doggo_mom_life pointed out. “You just know the ones who say it’s no big deal it’s just grass… are still living at home or are renters,” said @itdude2020.

One TikToker pointed out something very important

Had someone do this in our yard. Tried to sue us bc they tripped in a hole my dog dug & fractured their ankle,” @pooch_skylar_luna explained. “Keep spraying them down.” Thomas was at this point frustrated about getting his point across, so he decided to a video which he had recorded prior to the system’s installation.

They were asked not to – but even bicycles and motorbikes were travelling over his lawn

Despite backlash from many, one can only appreciate the sentiment behind some comments, whereas an example from @tatty_daddy_ made us laugh. “I LOVE this level of pettiness. It’s your lawn. Do do as you wish.”

Thomas said that the system was new and that he will be recording more footage to show off his ingenious system in the future. The TikToker is ready to analyze whether his system not only deters offenders but subsequently keeps them away for good. There’s a sidewalk for a reason. Right?

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