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‘IQ Test’: 9 Out Of 10 People Fail To Solve All FIVE Riddles! Can You Correctly Answer These Challenges?

Here are five riddles ranging in difficulty but can you solve them all? Each one involves a different way of thinking, which could help you assess your strengths when it comes to problem-solving. Of course, solving riddles aren’t the same as taking an IQ test — which is typically very long and thorough to cover different kinds of intelligence. However, solving riddles yourself could be just as enlightening. Plus, they are so satisfying to figure out!


Now, there are five questions here. But don’t scroll immediately! After each question comes a hint, if you’d like one, and the answer directly follows that. So don’t scroll until you’re ready to check your solution.


Can You Solve These Five Riddles?

Riddle #1 The Five Sisters

There are five sisters in one room. Emily is cooking. Barbara is reading a book. Emily is playing chess. Jaime is folding laundry. What’s the fifth sister busy doing?


Here’s a hint: All the sisters in the room are doing some kind of activity. Four of them were identified by name and by what they were doing. What is left for the fifth unnamed sister to do?
Here is the answer: The fifth sister is playing chess with Kathy.


Riddle #2 Two Mothers and Two Daughters 

Two mothers and two daughters went to see a show and had dinner afterward. Each woman ate one portion of food. However, only three portions were eaten in total. How is this possible?


Here’s a hint: Picture the scene: the two mothers and two daughters went to dinner and everyone had one portion, eating three portions total. 
Here is the answer: Three women went out for a show and dinner: the grandmother, mother, and daughter.


Riddle #3 An Important Letter

Which letter of the alphabet holds water?


Here’s a hint: Think out of the box for this IQ test question. There’s a little wordplay involved.
Here is the answer: The letter “C” — as in “the sea.”


Riddle #4 Begins With The Letter “E”

What starts with the letter “E” but only has one single letter in it?


Here’s a hint: This one is a real head-scratcher. It involves a creative solution that involves two ways of thinking, one considers the literal alphabet and the second considers real-life objects. Putting these two things together presents the answer.
Here is the answer: An envelope.


Riddle #5 The Name of the Fifth Daughter

Mary’s father has five daughters: Cha Cha, Cho Cho, Chi Chi, and Che Che. What is the name of the fifth daughter?

Here’s a hint: Take your time to answer this one by reading the IQ test question again.
Here is the answer: The name of the fifth daughter is Mary.

Can Brain Training Games Improve IQ Test Scores?

Now, brain-training games have been thought to improve intelligence. However, recent studies have proved that this may not be true. In fact, it’s more likely that the “intelligence” from these kinds of games is a placebo, and people only think they have become smarter. Meaning, when people know they are in a “brain training” research group, they score better on intelligence tests because they expect the training to work. This bias skews the results and one research group tested the theory, putting 25 people in a “brain training and cognitive enhancement” study and 25 more people into what they simply dubbed “a study”. Both groups played the same game for one hour, but those who believed they were brain training performed higher on their IQ tests. [1]

However, there is something to do to actually become more intelligent: Learn something new. Brain training games aren’t all they cracked up to be because people tend to just get better at the game and that intelligence doesn’t carry over into other aspects of their life. However, if they learned something about themselves, like a certain strength, weakness, or preferred thinking method, that knowledge could be invaluable. But if you want real “brain training,” learn another language, or how to play an instrument, or read on a regular basis. [2]

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