Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
February 14, 2024 ·  2 min read

19 Seemingly Innocent Posts This Week That Made Us Say ‘Hey, Wait A Minute’

Leaving you doing a double take for the rest of the week, these posts are clearly not for the faint hearted. Courtesy of r/HolUp, some will leave you in stitches, some fear.

1. Wait. What?

news article for Missouri School
Image Credit: u/UrTheReasonBidenWon

2. Wait a minute… The others… They can hear us?

American Girl doll with hearing loss
Image Credit: @FaithKMoore / Twitter

3. It’s easy when you hate yourself!

winning the lotto meme
Image Credit: @chrispurchase / Twitter

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4. Ever used a magic ball?

meme about drinking magic 8-ball liquid
Image Credit:  @pleatedjeans / Twitter

5. Kangaroos can seem quite ominous

ominous kangaroo meme
Image Credit: @jagungal1 / Twitter

6. It all started right at the beginning…

meme about pain
Image Credit: u/do_u_like_waffles

7. He loves the dog park

meme about alligator in car
Image Credit: u/Jeremy_Melton / Reddit

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8. Time to go play outside

child on flight meme
Image Credit: /voicedm / Reddit

9. Just… NO

meme about forgery
Image Credit: @ArfMeasures / Twitter

10. It was easy

breaking into Harvard meme
Image Credit: @autogynefiles / Twitter

This person should have been granted a Harvard scholarship after such forward thinking! Talk about forward thinking, stereotypes exist, especially between mothers who say things like “My son would never do that!”

11. No they don’t!

drug dealer stereotypes meme
Image Credit: u/Yeet6942013 / Reddit

12. The opposite

opposite meme
Image Credit: u/Hey_I_m_Sam / Reddit

13. Seeking someone special

marriage meme
Image Credit: u/Andromedian_66 / Reddit

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14. Problem solved

wolf meme
Image Credit: @LeBearGirdle / Twitter

15. Captain Puerto Rico

captain America meme
Image Credit: u/s1ck1337 / Reddit

16. Nothing to see here

mechanics meme
Image Credit: u/MasterVJ_09

I’m guessing the workshop never asked for qualifications? Of course, nothing quite says hello like two pilots greeting each other while on the job…

17. Just say hi

pilots meme
Image Credit: u/kroszborg11 / Reddit

18. Good news?

meme about sleep and dying
Image Credit: u/xGoofyBoi69 / Reddit

19. Fair enough

marriage meme
Image Credit: u/PoSEVaDACQu

The list could go on forever, let’s be honest – the internet is full of all sorts of humor! From relationship advice to darker corners, every day brings a new wave of laughs that cater to almost anyone out there.

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