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Most People Can’t Solve This Horse Riddle – Can You?

Are you feeling sharp today? How about you attempt a mathematical riddle to put your brain to the test. At first glance, the riddle may look like child’s play but do not underestimate this mathematical riddle. It is tougher than you may realize. Many have attempted this riddle and have failed to solve it correctly.  Are you sharp enough to solve it?


A Brainteaser A Day Keeps Mental Diseases Away

Riddles need your total brainpower. They demand both your speed and your wits. Brainteasers keep your mind stimulated. At the same time, they give you an enjoyable and soothing respite from your everyday duties. Brainteasers have been scientifically proven to improve memory and boost concentration. Regular mental activity can also hinder mental disorders and make you immediately more focused throughout the day. 

The following mathematical quiz is a brainteaser that will contest your total brainpower. Do not fret if you encounter a block. We have prepared the solution after the riddle. Regardless, give the quiz a real shot, and do not peek! Let us start if you are ready.


Can you solve the riddle? 

Take a look at the problem:

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Do you know the answer to it already? Go through the problem once again to check if your theory is correct. The problem states that a man bought a horse for $50. He then sold the horse for $60. The following day, the man bought the same horse for $70. After he purchased the horse he sold it for $80.

So, did he make money, lose money, or break-even?


Is Your Brain Focused Enough For The Riddle?

Let us discuss the solution step by step. Assume that the man initially starts with $0.

The man initially purchases a horse for $50. That means his Cost Price is $50. (-50)

Then he sells the horse for $60. So his Selling Price is $60. (+60)

We know Profit=Selling Price-Cost Price

So $60-$50=$10. His first sale gets him a profit of $10. 


The following day he purchases the same horse again for $70. Which makes his new Cost Price $70. (-70)

He then sold the horse for the final time for $80. So his new Selling Price is $80. (+80)

We know, Profit=Selling Price-Cost Price. Putting the new values in the equation we get:


Adding the profits he made he made the previous day, he end up making a profit of $20.



The seller made a profit of $20. He made $10 each time he sold the horse. 

Did you solve it correctly? Congratulations! You have every right to be proud! Send your friends this quiz. See if your friends are as sharp as you. Let us share some fun brainteasers today: