masked face hidden amongst tree branches and roots

Can You Solve This Optical Illusion That’s Baffling So Many Viewers?

Our eyes are one of the most amazing organs in our body. However, teasers like optical illusions show that sometimes it doesn’t take much to fool them. Today, we have one of the most baffling illusions out there.

Today’s illusion will not only be a test of your eyes but also a test of your brain’s ability to observe. If you are one of those who are proud of their vision, then this illusion will give you the chance to prove it once and for all. But be warned, the majority of people that try it, do not get the right answer.


Today’s Optical Illusion Is About Faces

Humans have a tendency to see faces in almost everything. This is called Pareidolia. It usually happens when there are two circular shapes on top with another shape that can be the lips at the bottom. In that vein, today’s optical illusions are all about finding faces.

Our optical illusions aim to make your performance better, and not just entertain you. And truly, brain teasers and puzzles are some of the best things out there to make the brain sharper. As with everything, the key to solving this one is working hard and doing your best.

So, are you ready for the challenge? Then scroll down and see the image below:

the optical illusion
Image Credits: Fabiosa

The challenge is simple: count the number of faces in the picture. Yes, we admit that you might be surprised at the question. But look closely, and you can make out at least two faces at first glance.


How Many Are There?

Before we reveal the answer, give the picture another look, and count it one final time. Perhaps you can see one face you had missed before?

If you are ready with your answer, then scroll down to see it!

Here is the answer:

Imager Credits: Fabiosa

There are a total of 6 Faces. Did you find all of them? Perhaps you find more than that?

Let us know how close your answer was! By the way, only 25% of the people who attempt it manage to solve it! Let us know if you made it into that elite few. Also, do be sure to share it with your friends and family if you enjoyed it.

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