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No One Can Spot The Little Frog Hiding Among These Rocks

Well, the summer is coming to an end, and as autumn nears, it brings rains with it. If you’ve ever lived anywhere warm during the warmer seasons, you know that frogs and insects come with the territory. One Louisiana woman was startled by a frog among rocks in front of her home recently and took a photo. However, the photo quickly became a game of hide and seek. As quickly as she spotted the frog, she lost it!

Glenda Adams Phillips lives in Louisiana and has become quite used to the sounds of her amphibian neighbors at night. One evening she was walking across her carport after a heavy rain, and a little frog jumped out in front of her. Philips told The Dodo, “The little frog jumped in front of me on the concrete part of my carport and scared me, then he jumped to the rocks.

Philips thought the little frog was beautiful. Bright spots of green and contrasting darker colours made her want to snap a quick pic. “I had never seen one like this before and it was very tiny,” Phillips said. “We’ve had an extreme amount of rain this year, so everything has been staying pretty wet.” Philips went back inside to take a look at her photo, and she was shocked to discover she’d lost the frog among rocks and leaves. “I couldn’t even find it in my own picture,” Phillips said.

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Can you Find the Frog Among Rocks?

Philips inadvertently ended up making a hidden animal challenge, and it’s pretty tricky! Frogs have an incredible sense of camouflage. Even if you were just looking at a frog among rocks, you can lose it instantly! Take a look at his picture below and see if you can spot the frog.

Frog hidden amongst wet rocks

Believe it or not, there is a frog among rocks in the image above. Can you find it? Take a few moments and relax your eyes. Don’t focus too hard on the shape of a frog, or what you think it should look like. Eventually, you will be able to spot the frog.

Remember, frogs use camouflage! Can you use that information to help you find out where it is hiding?

Okay, ready for the answer? Take a look below if you’re ready to see where the frog among rocks was hiding.

Frog hidden amongst wet rocks

If you’re still having trouble seeing it, don’t worry, we know how you feel! That little frog has some amazing colouring!

close up. Frog hidden amongst wet rocks

Facts About Frogs

Frogs are pretty interesting little amphibians. We thought you might like to know some little-known facts about them to share with your friends!

  1. You would call a group of frogs an ‘army.’
  2. Frogs drink water through their skin.
  3. You can find frogs all over the world except for Antarctica.
  4. The world’s largest frog species is known as the ‘Goliath Frog’.
  5. A frog’s eyes and nose are on the very top of their heads.

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