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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 17, 2023 ·  5 min read

Fun Test: The First Animal You See Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

In this fun and quick ‘personality test,’ the first animal you see will is said to reveal things about you that you may or may not have known. Did you know that your personality encompasses every aspect of who you are? Such as your intelligence, your worldview, your attitude, and your emotional intelligence? The APA (The American Psychological Association) has described this as how one thinks, feels, and behaves in all situations. 

What this could mean is that the things that get your attention may actually reveal your true nature! And, according to Lumenlearning, your thoughts, motivations, and emotions also make up your complete personality profile. Before going any further, look at the picture below and try and identify the first animal you see. This test may not be based on any ‘hard science,’ but it’s fun to do. Take a look at the image below and take note of the first animal you see! It might reveal something about you!

What is the first animal you see in this image?

which animal do you see first personality test

The Giraffe

The giraffe, an animal that lives with their ‘head in the clouds. If the giraffe is the first animal you see, then you are the type of person who believes in the saying, “simple living, high thinking.” You are humble and rooted to the earth while having thoughts that fly high. You aren’t afraid of envisioning a life filled with the greatest pleasures. Also, you know you will reach the top, accomplish great things and be successful in all your endeavors. You know who you are and that you have everything in you to succeed, including humility. Gossip and pettiness don’t bother you, and you are wise enough to choose your battles wisely. You are the kind of person who acts with grace and dignity in all life’s situations. 

The Lion

If you first saw the lion, then you will be pleased to know that this means that you have a personality that is meant to rule the great outdoors. Your heart is brave, and you are someone who stands fierce in the face of adversity. You never back down from any challenge or obstacle that comes your way. Your strength comes from deep within your heart and soul. You know that you can always rely on yourself no matter way.

This kind of confidence often scares and intimidates people. But that doesn’t affect you because you know that lions are never bothered by the opinions of sheep. The ones you have chosen to give your heart to know that you are someone they can rely on and love you no matter what. To keep it short, you have the heart of a lion, and it is strong and wild! 

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The Camel

If the first animal you see is the camel, then you are the kind of person who is a natural-born survivor. As we all know, camels dwell in one of the harshest terrains known to humanity, the desert. Your personality is strong, always has been, always will be. You are the kind of person who can ride into a storm with a smile upon your face because you know it too shall pass. You are also someone who knows what, then the dust settles a better, more alive version of you, and the world will emerge.

Camels are known for traveling long distances. Always getting to their destination safely. This goes for you too; no matter the distance, you make it there, as you set out to do. You are also the kind of person who will shrug anyone off your shoulders and carry on if you get any inclination of someone taking advantage of you. Free to roam life without any external worries.

The Elephant

If the elephant was the first animal that caught your eye, you have a larger personality than life itself. You are comfortable in your own skin and have deep-rooted inner strength. Small, trivial things do not bother you because you are adept at focusing on the larger picture. You do not tolerate injustice or betrayal; you have the memory of an elephant; you forgive but never forget. Your larger-than-life personality is intimidating to some, but you have a natural-born playful and affectionate nature shown to those you trust.  

The Hog

If the hog caught your eye, then you are the kind of person who has a sharp mind with a keen intellect. Hogs are almost always underestimated but are among the most resourceful animals on earth with true tenacious nature. You have a strong will to survive and strive no matter what life throws at you. Not to mention, you are strong-willed and have don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. You make your own rules and are not afraid to stand out and be different. 

The Horse

If the horse was the first animal you saw, then you know you have a heart that was born to be wild and free. Your spirit soars, and you have a natural-born drive for life. Good luck to anyone trying to tame you because your independence is what matters most to you, just like your freedom. You are a loyal and committed friend; some may see you as being docile and will probably judge you, only to be proven wrong when you let your uncontrollable wild nature out, especially when standing up for your values. 

The Bear

If you first saw the bear, then your personality is strong, willful, and unmatched by your peers. You have a charismatic power that sometimes intimidates people at first, but once they get to know you will see just how warm and playful you actually are; however, there is a side of you that is able to shake the very core of the earth if angered. You are a force of nature, beautiful and powerful; you pride yourself in being consistent and do not enjoy drama or mind games. 

The Hound

If the hound was the first animal that grabbed your attention, you have a warm and loving personality that also values loyalty. You love and give unconditionally and ask for nothing in return except for trust. When it comes to those you love, there is almost nothing you won’t do, and that is what makes you the incredible being that you are. You cannot and will not stand for betrayal; this is something you can’t forgive or forget. You are a loyal and fierce soul. Who values happiness over superficial things.

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