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‘I will never be going to Five Guys again’: Customer spends $70 for 2 meals at Five Guys

Let’s face it – we’ve all done it. Getting takeout is easy, it’s available just about everywhere and it’s usually affordable. Not to mention the variety, there are so many choices out there that you could eat something different every single day of the week. The real question though is – would you pay $70 for a meal for two?


TikToker Danielle Stevens from Penrith, Australia uploaded a video which has since gone viral of her rant over her Five Guys order for two which set her back a steep amount if you had to compare other similar franchises. The video has since gotten over 63 thousand views.

Five Guys Australia
Image Credit: @dani.stevens02 TikTok

Did Five Guys do a dirty on this couple?

I will never be going to Five Guys again,” she says in the video after placing her order at a Penrith, Australia location. “So here’s my bad review of Five Guys.” The order was comprised of two bacon burgers, fries, a milkshake and a soda. She also added that “Also I got a small chips and smaller burger. My bf got the normal burger and chips.” The entire order cost her just over $70 Australian. That is approximately $47 USD.

Video Credit: @dani.stevens02 TikTok

Five Guys is a well-known burger franchise in the United States which saw their first store open in 1986. The brand further expanded to Australia in 2021. ​​”The Sydney prices are a lot higher than in the US where the most deluxe burger costs roughly $12 in Australian dollars.” Was noted according to Australia news.


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Five guys Australia receipt
Image Credit: @dani.stevens02 TikTok

Viewers were quick to comment

“Whataburger is much better and much cheaper,” one user said. “In Canada, that exact order would be 44.84 before tax and $47.08 after tax!” another commented. “Yeah, no more. Price is ridiculous. They’ve definitely taken advantage of the times!” a third user said.

What’s interesting is that the Canadian Dollar and Australian dollar are roughly on par, with the Canadian dollar only being worth slightly more. So why such a price difference between the two countries when it comes to Five Guys?

Five Guys Australia food
Image Credit: @dani.stevens02 TikTok

There were a few who had something else to say

“I went to five guys a couple of days ago and it was amazing !” one user said, whereas another commented, “Go to a decent pub or club and Order 2 mains and drinks tell me what you end up with?” One even included another franchise in the discussion by saying “I took my son to @jerseymikes recently outside of Ft Worth and we dropped $50 on sandwiches. Sandwiches. Sandwiches/chips/drinks. 😳


Five Guys is not the only franchise to shock consumers with their prices

The National Restaurant Association reported that the price point of fast food outlets had increased by an average of 8.5%. It’s frustrating to know that a Domino’s Mix & Match deal which cost $5.99 a few months back will now set you back $7.99. Did you know that the burger prices at Shack Shake have increased in price by 7%?

McDonald’s has also joined the list with the Big Mac’s price increasing by 40% in the last decade. The franchise has overall increased their prices quite dramatically, with one user saying “Look, don’t get me wrong, I know inflation has been bad,” Tik Toker philosophyphil says, “but godd*mn near $5!?”


Chipotle also made the list

Did you know that a simple burrito bowl at Chipotle now costs 20% more than in 2020? The average price for a chicken bowl was about $7.65 in 2020, whereas today, you’ll be lucky to scrape in at $10 or more, regardless of your protein choice. The prices are so bad that customers are visiting Chipotle less frequently.

Why am I paying a whole down payment to eat a f*cking bowl,” he yells at the camera, only to go on and add, “this sh*t sometimes don’t even taste that good.” Rants a TikToker who ended up paying $20.99 for steak bowl with all the go-to toppings.

Another Chipotle customer was left dissatisfied, commenting “Chipotle has been getting on my nerves with these price increases. And the quality is hit or miss.” While others claim, “I rather make it home now! Literally for 2 bowls with chips and drinks like $45″


Starbucks brags about profit increases while we fork out our money

While we pay premium prices for our array of drink options, the CEO enjoyed a 39% raise in 2022. “Companies are doing a great job rebranding corporate greed as ‘inflation,'” Dan Price, CEO of financial company Gravity Payments, wrote in a TweetAnd the rich get richer off the work of staff and savings of customers,” another patron replied.

Credit: @DanPriceSeattle Twitter

Many Starbucks supporters took to Reddit, complaining that “I’ve cut back on my Starbucks. Not because I can’t afford it, but because the prices are too high.” As well as, “It’s just too expensive. If I’m gonna spend $6-$8 on a treat for myself, it’s gonna be from a local cafe that actually cares about what they’re serving. Not overpriced and overvalued fast-food-level crap.”

So it’s not only Five Guys who are guilty of draining our wallets, but the point still stands. Fast food is just not that affordable anymore. Is it worth hopping in your car or ordering from an app knowing that a perfectly prepared, well balanced home-cooked meal would cost you less?

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