Bizarre Theory Goes Viral Claiming The Real Slim Shady Died 16 Years Ago And Was Replaced

If you’re a hip hop or music fan in general, Marshal Mathers is a name you’ve surely heard. If you haven’t, then you’ve at least heard of Slim Shady or, more famously, Eminem— his more popular stage names. Making his fame in rapping with some serious rhythm and lyrical genius, his fan base has grown exponentially over the years. Of all the strange rumors that have been concocted in this world, one of them is a bizarre conspiracy theory. There are many of Eminem’s fans who believe full-heartedly that the rapper died, and has been replaced by a clone!


Is Eminem a clone?

Eminem may not be producing music like he did when he was younger, but his silence could mean great things to come. The Rock ‘n roll Hall of Fame has certainly not forgotten him. They announced this year they are inducting him. However, some of Slim Shady’s fans are not so convinced. They find his change in music-producing tempo questionable. So much so, that a rumor has been spreading across the globe that he actually passed away in 2006. If that is the case, then who is the person we have seen many times in the media ever since? Who has been producing the music under the name Eminem?


The conspiracy is that the talented rapper was actually replaced by a clone and an android one at that. Those who believe this theory said it started becoming clear as Eminem’s voice changed over the years. They do not acclaim it to be a factor of ageing or life taking a toll. No, to them, the idea of a clone imposter is more believable.

Furthermore, the theory was popularized after the Spanish website, La Guía Del Varón, decided to write an article about the theory. They were in favor of the conspiracy that Eminem is a clone. Additionally, they wrote about how Eminem had supposedly died. “In 2006, Eminem died in a car accident,” the article read.

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He has changed dramatically

Eminem fans are not only concerned about the change in his voice. They have also pointed out how he has changed his look. Not only in a fashion sense but also in his physical appearance. According to many reports from his fans, they say his jawline has changed dramatically. One fan took to Twitter and said: “Yeah I believe he is a clone it doesn’t even look like him anymore and his eyes are dead.”

His looks are not the only thing they have noticed a big change in. The style of his music is not the same as when he was younger. After some dating back to his older music, they noticed how his music changed around 2006. This is coincidentally when they claim Eminem died in that car crash.

Another fan tweeted bout how Eminem does not look the same, which leads them to believe he is now a clone. “I believe that Eminem’s is a clone he doesn’t look the same after the so-called accident where he just disappeared for about a year he came back looking different.” While another fan also commented in favor of the conspiracy. they even compared it to a movie. Just to put it into perspective for those who don’t understand. “Em died in a car accident 2006… he’s been 6th dated like the movie. He stop rapping like Em a long time ago.”

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Eminem glitch

There was another incident that added fuel to the conspiracy theorists’ belief that Eminem was cloned after he allegedly died. In 2013, Eminem appeared on a live ESPN report. The clip showed the rapper glitching for a moment before going back to normal. This caused an uproar amongst the theorists.

There might be many fans who follow this bizarre conspiracy, but there are some who refuse to follow. They find it ridiculous that such a theory was concocted, choosing rather to call his change in music, appearance, voice, and style a part of aging. One fan wrote: “The idea that he’s a clone is one of the dumbest conspiracy theories ever. That song from Tom was one of the worst songs he’s put out. As people age, they grow and change as a person.”

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