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January 8, 2024 ·  4 min read

How One Mom Divided a Room into 2 Bedrooms for Her Daughters Without Building a Wall

As they grow into adults, our children go through several phases. Some are sweet and cute, while others are just downright hostile. But, as they grow, they become more independent. They become more “adult” and need privacy to find themselves in the context of the family. Now that they are big, they want pocket money, want privacy, and just want to be themselves. Bear in mind that’s only one child if you have more than that! Things become a lot more complicated when siblings are involved. This mom figured out a way to save the peace and divided a room in a really awesome way!

Genius mother divided a room in two for her daughters

Growing up with a large family can be very difficult as there is almost no silence and virtually no privacy. We spend our time doing homework or fighting or playing with our siblings. Also, as much as we love them, we do all need personal space—a place where we can be alone with our thoughts and feeling. Somewhere to read a book or play video games, or however, they prefer to relax. 

A mommy blogger who goes by the name Clutter Bug recently shared how she could bring peace to her house. This was by creating two bedrooms out of one! They divided the room between the two girls. The mommy blogger mentioned that her daughters were at that delicate pre-teen age. The stage where everything is the end of the world. They think that no one ever understands them. They were constantly at each other’s throats! Then, finally, the fighting got to be too much. So, mom and dad decided that something needed to be done. [1]

She divided a room with no construction

Sisters Abby and Izzy, twin daughters of the mommy blogger Clutter Bug, would spend ours fighting and screaming and shouting. As usual, because of a combination of prepubescent hormonal imbalances and a lack of privacy and space. Mom and dad decided that giving each girl their own room would start a whole different fight. Who would get the bigger room? There were available rooms in the house, one downstairs being used as a playroom, and another upstairs used for guests. However, the parents decided that they would leave them in their current room and just build a wall to divide the room in two. 

A room tastefully divided by a white shelf.
Youtube Screenshot

Initially, this seemed like a perfect plan, and they had set aside some cash and had made contact with the construction workers. Still, on a completely unrelated trip to IKEA, they came across a cost-effective solution that required no construction at all. The IKEA shelving unit turned out to be the most effective, cheapest, and most aesthetically pleasing of all the options available. The shelving unit used to divide the room was turned onto its side, giving the girls some semblance of privacy without making them feel isolated.[2]

Colours and design 

Clutter bug mentioned that her kids love the Parisian theme of their new room as they have both been obsessed with Paris since they were little. They also attend a French school. So naturally, the theme of the rooms was Paris, and the theme echoed throughout.[2]

The walls of the room were already a beautiful shade of pale periwinkle blue, and conveniently the shelving unit came with a similar blue hue, and the parents decided to go with it and add pops of blue throughout the room. The whole color scheme was black, white, and blue. In keeping with the Paris theme, the Eiffel tower was printed onto pillowcases and tastefully framed. Clutter Bug says that doing a black and white with a pop of color theme is essentially “idiot-proof,” and anyone can do it.

Izzy and Abby's divided a room.
Youtube Screenshot

Clutter bug also shared that because the room’s windows were so close to the corner of the room, the curtain and curtain rod had to be installed off-center to provided proper covering. Each rod was only able to cover one of the window panels. But, it was echoed on the other side of the room to create a sense of symmetry. 

Finally, Clutter bug says she got many of her simple but effective decor designs from websites like Pinterest and Instagram. She goes on to say that if you really want to do something, there are ways and means! All without breaking the bank!

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