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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 22, 2024 ·  4 min read

People Share Some of the Most Controversial Food Opinions

It should go without saying that people survive on controversial opinions. It is not only impossible but also foolhardy for the entire population to think along a similar course of thought. This doesn’t led to any innovation, nor does it spike genius in anyone. And since food seems to dominate the thoughts of humanity over the last few millennia, it does seem prudent that most of the controversial opinions people have would be related to food. For, at the end of the day, we have to agree that food has led to more wars than one can count- hence a controversy is just a blink in the sky. 

So, Let’s Check Out The Top 20 Controversial Opinions About Food

1. Just Because Something Is Hot Doesn’t Make It Tasty

Hot stuff really has no taste; most of the time it ruins the flavor of a dish because everyone wants to play who can handle the most heat.” –Facebook/Yung V

2. The Days Of Hot Chicken Should Ideally Be Over By Now

Hot chicken isn’t all that exciting (I live in Nashville).” –Facebook/Jeremy K

3. Avocado Is All Bark And No Bite

Avocado is a scam. The fact that it’s such a non-sustainable plant sucks too, especially for it being such a mediocre food. I could completely do without them.” –Facebook/Aaron N

4. Fries Should Be Paired With Mayonnaise- Not Ketchup

Mayo belongs on fries. Not ketchup or ranch.” –Facebook?Amy A

5. Steak Is For the Uberwealthy- Not The Common Folk

Steak is overrated; it invites pretension and a sense of affectedness in the unintelligent.” –Facebook/Dwayne B

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6. Ketchup Is Nothing But Pureed Tomatoes!

My husband gets teased because he puts ketchup on his mac and cheese; all the while they are putting stewed tomatoes on theirs. Ketchup is really just puréed stewed tomatoes!” –Facebook/Sandra E

7. Mayo Is God’s Gift To Mankind

Mayo makes everything taste better. I’ll put it on anything- sandwiches, salads, pizza, steak, you name it. I don’t even mind the weirded-out looks I get anymore.” –BuzzFeed/teh_rushki

8. Apparently Only The Irish Like Potatoes

Potatoes are the WORST. Texture? Mealy and crumbly. Taste? Starchy and bland. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise.” –BuzzFeed/majestic27

9. The Sheer Blasphemy

Milk before cereal is the right way to make cereal. It’s the only way I eat it!” –BuzzFeed/briaamour

10. Fried Chicken And Peanut Doctor- Call The Ambulance Please!

There is absolutely no other way to eat fried chicken than to dip it in peanut butter.” –BuzzFeed/squeakywheel

11. Mint Belongs ONLY On Toothpaste

Mint chocolate and peppermint chocolate are trash combinations. They do not belong together. The only places for mint and peppermint are toothpaste, gum, and candy canes.” –BuzzFeed/cristinadelrosariov

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12. Guess They Really Hate How Expensive Shrimps Are

Shrimp is gross. I don’t mind other seafood, but the texture of shrimp is just WRONG. It reminds me of cartilage. I feel like Hannibal Lecter eating someone’s nose.” –BuzzFeed/jenevievb

13. Kale Is Bad, So Don’t Go To The Gym Please!

Why is kale so popular? It’s disgusting and makes your poop a weird color.” –BuzzFeed/cornylegend60

14. Kombucha Might Be Healthy- But It Tastes Like S**t

Kombucha tastes like fermented puke, and you couldn’t get me to drink it even if it had magical properties. It is disgusting.” –BuzzFeed/viciousxvenom

15. Cakes Should Not Be Kept Just For Special Occasions

Only vaguely a food opinion, but, there’s no such thing as a “special occasion” food. Like, cakes are often associated with parties. But I’m a grown man and if I want cake because it’s Wednesday I’m gonna go get myself a Wednesday cake.” –Reddit/CherrylDodson

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16. Rice Belongs On A Plate- Not A Burrito

I honestly don’t think rice belongs inside a burrito. Get the carbs from the tortilla and any veggies. Rice is just a useless filler to make the burrito seems fuller than it really is. Also corn tortillas are superior for tacos.” –Reddit/Ambitious-Search-843

17. Innovation Is The Key- Experiments Are The Ways

Sticking to the traditional authentic versions of foods is not necessarily better. It’s ok to be creative in cooking and mix things from different cuisines.” –Reddit/alishaok

18. Marshmallows Are Great When They Are Roasted- So Start Insulting!

Roasted marshmallows are only worth eating if they have been fully caught on fire first. Burnt sh’mellows hit different.” –Reddit/AdFabulous733

19. Ice-Cream- The Simpler, The Tastier

Vanilla is the best flavor of ice cream.” –Reddit/Austiniuliano

20. A sign of a True Texan… chili doesn’t have beans!

“Chili does not have beans!” – Will Morgan | Facebook

Weird History | Facebook

21. Truffles Sound Better As A #Hashtag

Truffles are overrated. They are used on everything as a buzz word and generally don’t even need to be there to begin with.” –Reddit/Master_Crab

So, do you agree with any of the controversial opinions listed above? If not, then tell us about your controversial opinion in the comments!

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