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Jade Small
Jade Small
May 10, 2024 ·  2 min read

People Online Can’t Agree About The Correct Name For Ice Pops

No matter how we grew up, regardless of our culture or background, we all seem to share similar childhood memories of enjoying our own version of frozen ice pops during those long hot summers. Maybe you and your mom created your own homemade version of popsicles from fruit juice or yogurt as a kid. Or perhaps, like most of us, you bought them from an ice-cream vendor, or your local store or even the canteen at your school. They aren’t the healthiest option as most contain high amounts of sugar, artificial colors, and preservatives. But hey— I’m sure that’s the last thing we think of on a hot, sweaty day.

Nevertheless, we all have a strong sentimental attachment to them for one reason or another. Do you honestly remember what they tasted like? Is it just their uniquely outlandish color varieties that they came in? Or was the flavor the most important part? Frozen desserts come in many forms and are enjoyed by adults and children, but none have become an online trend in quite the same way as ice pops, or whatever you call them where you’re from.

Naturally flavored Otter Pops in the freezer.
Colorless Otter Pops Image: @angelina_goode Twitter
Ice Pops

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What do you call an Ice Pop? Nobody Seems to Agree.

We can all agree that these cool treats are tasty and refreshing. However, one thing we just don’t see eye to on about ice pops is their name. They appear in almost every country, even in the most obscure parts of the world, and each manufacturer puts their own creative spin on the name and marketing of these colorful frozen treats. The following is so avid and widespread that over the years, the debate over which is the correct term for them has reached pop culture status online. Most regions simply adopt the name from the brands of ice pops available locally. Still, some their own local terms of the icy treats. [1] A Twitter thread started by NorCal Zuckers got things going by asking “What do you call these?.” After that, people from all over the world chimed in. Here are just a few.

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What’s The Official Name for Ice Pops Around the World? There Isn’t One.

It’s clear that wherever you find ice pops, the love for them is strong. Whether it’s Otter Pops, Freeze Pop, or Fla-Vor-Ice in the US, Jju Jju Bars in South Korea, Mr. Freeze/Freezies in Canada, Zooper Doopers in Australia, Bolis in Mexico, or Eezy Freezy Pops in the UK, they are enjoyed just as much. They might not be the healthiest addition to your diet, but the surrounding freezer door culture certainly has a bizarre way of uniting people online. So, what IS the real name for ice pops, and what’s your favorite flavor? [1]

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