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Jade Small
Jade Small
June 6, 2024 ·  2 min read

90% Of Viewers Can’t Spot The Hidden Animal In This Picture! But Can You Find It?

There’s an animal hiding in the image below, but over 90% of the people who try to find it, fail. Do you think you can do better than they did? Well, you only have 15 seconds to try and see what animal is hiding between the lines. If you can correctly identify what it is within that time frame, you are smarter than most who attempted to solve this visual puzzle.

We have scoured the interwebs, searching high and low to find the best brainteasers and visual challenges to share with you. After carefully selecting the best of the best, we finally found one we think will put your visual skills to the test!

Can you Find the Animal Hiding in This Image?

You will have to use all of your brainpower to find the answer to today’s challenge. Take a look at the image below, and let us know if you can see what animal is hiding within. Now, you will see a lot of lines, and it may appear that the picture is moving. However, we assure you it’s just a trick of the lines! This is a still image, and if you look at it just the right way, you will see a certain animal.

The shape of this animal is unmistakable. You certainly won’t confuse it with any other kind of creature on this planet. Remember, you only have 15 seconds to correctly guess the hidden animal within the image. Ready? Let’s go!

What is the animal hiding in the image below?

squiggle lines hidden animal
Image via Brightside

Through the orange lines, the pints, and the squiggles, there is an animal hiding. Do you know what it is yet? If you are having a difficult time trying to identify it, move your head around a bit. Try adjusting your perspective in various ways. Is it clearer if you tilt your head a certain way? What if you scroll the image up and down quickly? Do you know what it is?

The animal is lurking and stalking behind those lines. It might even pounce on you! Time is almost up, hurry!


Alright, the 15 seconds have passed, and hopefully, you have found the animal hiding in the image. If you were struggling to see it, don’t worry! Most people who tried to find the hidden creature were unable to determine what it actually was. However, just the attempt gave your brain an excellent workout. In fact, you should do these kinds of visual tests every single day for the most benefit.

tiger hidden animal
Image via Brightside

It’s a tiger! What was the easiest way for you to spot the tiger? Did turning your phone help? What about increasing brightness, or decreasing it? We’d love to know how you solved this tricky visual challenge. If you liked this puzzle and want to give your brain some more exercise, try these tricky brainteasers below!