Fans outraged as Adele concert tickets surge up to $40K, Bruce Springsteen’s prices soar to $4K

Heartbroken fans were left in the dust of the rising ticket prices of Adele’s upcoming concert. While her previous concerts were not exactly the cheapest form of entertainment. Her latest show in Las Vegas has seen Adele tickets go from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. In fact, there were some tickets going for a few tens of thousands! Naturally, many of her fans were flabbergasted at the price. 


Costly Adele tickets 

Fans were sorely disappointed when Adele had to postpone her last show’s dates. She called this performance, Weekends with Adele and it was originally meant to show in January. Fans had bought Adele tickets, and there was even a waiting list for those who had high hopes that someone could no longer make it so they could buy their ticket. $41,280 each, to be exact. On the eve of the first performance, the concert was canceled, leaving many fans feeling heartbroken. 

“I know for some of you it was a horrible decision on my part. And I will always be sorry for that. But, I promise you it was the right one,” said Adele as she tried to explain to her fans why she postponed. Those who were on the waiting list could feel relief because they at least had priority to buy their Adele tickets.

However, Adele made it clear that the show was not canceled but rather postponed. The new dates were announced on Monday, July 25th. The show will take place from November this year through to March 2023. The resident venue will be The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. In a flurry, fans rushed to purchase their tickets, but they were met with a shocking surprise. Some of the ticket tiers had ticket prices so high that they had gained two extra zeros. The highest ticket available to purchase was $41,280. Although, there were only two of those tickets available the advertisement for the exorbitant tickets promised they would be seated together.

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Maga Stardom and Mega Size Ticket Prices

Adele is an international sensation and has millions of adoring fans, so the fact that her tickets are in such high demand is not surprising. Gametime is a website where you can buy last-minute tickets. There you were able to find Adele tickets for the opening night of her residency show, Weekends with Adele, for $7,003 each.

“Adele is one of the most popular artists in the world and does not put on many live performances. This is the fundamental reason why there’s so much demand for these shows,” said Matthew Rados, Gametime’s associate director of product operations. According to him, the ticket price increase is thanks to her popularity as a performer.


Springsteen tickets also hiked in price

Adele is not the only artist whose ticket prices saw such an incline. Bruce Springsteen had tickets as high as $4000! The ticket-selling platform, Ticketmaster, has a “dynamic pricing program,” which reportedly raises the price of the tickets according to the demand for them.

Bruce Springsteen
image credit: Twitter / @springsteen

Fans who wanted to buy tickets commented on their feelings about the hike in prices. One fan said: “Waiting for the quote on selling my kidney to get nosebleed seats.” Suggesting they would even sell one of their organs to be able to see the Springsteen show. Another fan tweeted their feelings about the price being s high it would be like buying a house. They said: “Gotta get a 2nd mortgage to get a ticket.

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