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5 Reasons Why Those Outspoken and Blunt Friends are the Truest You’ll ever Have

If you have outspoken friends who are unapologetically honest even when you’re not ready for the truth, then you should count yourself lucky. We’re often faced with situations where we may not want to admit the truth to ourselves. We were wrong, but pride is a human trait that we can’t always suppress. We try to convince ourselves that we did nothing wrong by twisting the story, and we expect everyone around us to support our stand and take our side. 

These honest characters have none of that. If you decide to throw BS around, they’ll feed it right back to you and stand their ground. They don’t try to be the perfect, most ego-stroking friends you’ve ever had. They are who they are and they will always say what’s on their mind, bitter or sweet. They are often considered insensitive and rude, but in reality, they are the ones we truly need to keep our characters in check.

These amazing people truly love and care for you and will try not to embarrass you in public or be unnecessarily mean. However, this doesn’t stop them from calling you out on your excuses. When the truth is too hard for you to swallow, they chop it up into bits because it’s in your best interest.

THEY LOVE YOU, and here are five solid reasons why you’d better not let them go. 

Outspoken friends will never tell a lie to make you feel better

The truth hurts, they know, but it’s unhealthy to have people who lie all the time to make you happy. Rather, they’ll try to think up solutions to fix the problem and make you truly happy. They’ll tell you when your new clothes are unflattering and when a partner is wrong for you. They’ll tell you exactly what they think about the destructive way you’re raising your kids, or why you need to get your act together and make peace with your family. 

At first, you’ll hate them for being so blunt and seemingly insensitive to your feelings, but in the end, you’ll be glad for that firm voice of reason and truth in your life.

They’ll never stab you in the back

People who stay true to themselves will never be a party to betrayal or deceit. The amazing thing about these friends is that you can completely trust them not to talk behind your back or spread malicious news about you. If they have anything to say to you, they’ll say it to your face and talk about it maturely.

Their friendship is the purest you can find

Although they may come off as harsh and insensitive sometimes, they are the friends that will go to the ends of the earth and back just to see you safe and happy. They push you to be the best version of yourself by always coming forth with genuine suggestions about how you can improve. When you do great, they celebrate you, and when you’ve made a mistake, they come right out and express their thoughts. They respect your boundaries and stay true to their promises.

 You’re bound to fight and quarrel occasionally with them, but you always find your way back into one another’s hearts.

Outspoken friends are not afraid to express their opinions

Even when they know it might cost them your friendship, they’ll always lay the truth out for you and accept the consequences. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you or value your friendship; they know that sugarcoating the truth will only hurt you in the future or impede your progress. They love you too much to let that happen.

You enjoy every moment you spend in their company

When you are not arguing or engaging in verbal combat with them, they are actually some of the best people to have around. You enjoy every minute you spend in their boisterous company. They are that person who dishes it back to creepy guys at the club and the one who’s not embarrassed about calling out obnoxious characters in a high-end restaurant. Whatever it is, their personality is usually effervescent and exciting.

There’s a fine line between bluntness and toxicity. If someone is being excessively hounding and openly rude to you in the guise of being blunt, it’s best to put some distance between you. However, you’ll always spot the ones who genuinely care about while also being honest to the core.

Hold them close and love them like the gold they truly are.

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