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38 People Who Are 200% Done

With so much going on in this current day, there are bound to be a few people who are just fed up with their frustrations. Here are 39 situations where people are just fed-up!


1. When you get asked where Ed is 1million times a day, this happens:

Where is Ed?
image source: Reddit | ImJohnathan

2. There are definitely a lot of people who need to read this frustrated man’s sign.

just stop standing
image source: Reddit | jonnycreepycrepes

3. Wise lessons from your fathers

Try not to dissapoint
image source: Reddit | TacoPuppy456

4. Burger King, making jabs at clowns…

Why work for a clown?
Image source: Reddit | codysherrod

5. Everyone has their personal goal in life

image source: Twitter | Nick-Fil-A

6. Get with the times, Boomers!

What's wrong with this pic?
image source: Reddit | 4sfish4

7. When you are so fed-up, but you have no one to express that to

When there is no one else
Image source: Reddit | skane110

8. Some women dream of their husbands doing the grocery shopping, while others…

a shopping failure
Image source: Twitter | OG

9. She had to say it twice to get the point across. You go Sera!

I'm ten and you're seven!
Image source: Reddit | Kreepyskera

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10. The Fire Department have simply had enough of kitchen Fires

Stop it!
image source: Reddit | el_matto

11. When you thought you had a spare, but realized you broke that too.

Its not one, it's both!
Image source: Reddit | POO1718

12. Every house hare needs a sign like this

just clean the dish...
image source; Reddit | onmyknees4batman

13. Breaking your phone is possibly the most upsetting this a modern person can go through

This is a sad sight
Image source: Reddit | hrb4

14. The look on this cat’s face is priceless!

Cleaning one's cat
Image source: Reddit | phillydog1

15. when your marriage caused that much frustration – bake a cake and celebrate!

divorced AF
image source: Reddit

16. some people will always be a little naive…

Joker without makeup
Image source: Reddit | parapeligic_gnome

17. Life is expensive, but being boring and expensive is another thing entirely

Life is expensive
Image source: Twitter | reaghan

18. When all public transport services are out of service because the workers are on strike – what do you got to lose?

When all else fails, ride a horse to work
Image source: Reddit | niconico84

19. For some people, screaming is cathartic.

Who screams in the morning?
image source: Twitter | Deirdre

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12. One more, please?

This is how it's supposed to be done anyway
Image sources: Reddit | seven_critical_blows

21. Done with beating around the bush!

see you soon...
image source: Reddit | Evenball5

22. Sorry, not sorry!

Target worker is tired of being buzzed!
Image source: Reddit | CheapDrummer

23. Imagine you looked out your window one morning and the snow had swallowed our car!

The snow ate my car
Image source: Reddit | smm523

24. When realizing there was no toilet paper, when it’s too late, is one of your biggest fears

Overly prepared with toilet paper
image source: Reddit | amoore94

25. The nerve of some people!

Just imagine...
Image source: Reddit | faxinator

26. Not even a day old yet… And the boredom onthis baby’s face is uncanny

Fed up baby
image source: Reddit | ayeshar

27. The waiter is calling the shots!

Get off your phone
Image source: Reddit | MikeHuntsUsedCars

28. This teacher realized he’s been talking to himself all this time. Apparently his student thought that ham came from a bird!

image source: Reddit | CrazyWookiee25

29. This recycling company is in it for the planet, for sure!

They will get over it...
Image source: Reddit | eightcell

30. the one time that the delivery guy was on time, and it ruins a freshly lain floor.

A new floor, ruined!
Image source: Reddit | OXmasTroy

31. This delivery guy did a great job on hiding the parcel…

Hiding the parcel like a boss
image source: Reddit | Bonafy

32. When too many peple ask you the same thing again and again…

They don't know
Image source: Reddit | KennyPowers

33. The week has been predicted, and so it probably was.

simply too tiring for words
image source: Twitter | Jordon Nardino

34. Enough said.

I'm done.
Image source: Instagram | shut.up.mac

35. It always strikes where you least expect it!

Expectinga car but getting hit by a plane
image source: Instagram | curleysue4u

36. this little critter even has a sign to be left alone

image source: Reddit | grneclipse9902

37. Do you accept the challenge?

Image source: Twitter | Jocelyn Thompson

38. This bag looks angry with whatever is inside

Angry bag
image source: Reddit | Phosyrgo

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