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Jade Small
Jade Small
June 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

Couple buys used work truck for $4500 – transforms it into a beautiful dream home

Imagine a life where your whim is your destination. A life that holds minimal restrictions on exploring new places at any time. Where your career holds no bounds, and neither do the four walls you live within. One couple decided their nomad lifestyle was not worth giving up for their dream home. They bought a work truck with the intention of living in it. After a lot of DIY tinkering, they converted the truck’s container into a beautiful living space. Now they have a portable home where they can choose the view they wake up to each day.

Their dream home
Image credit: Facebook | Iona Stewart

Dream home on wheels

We all have different ideas of what a dream home is. Each of us has unique tastes. Even those living in neighborhoods with similar-looking houses, the inside will never look the same as anyone else’s home. Martin Hill and Iona Stewart went the least conventional route with their dream home. Not only did they build it themselves, but they constructed it from a work truck so they could drive around, and bring their home along for the ride. Their idea for a home gives another meaning to the phrase; bringing everything except the kitchen sink. Although, in this case, the sink goes with it.

Iona Stewart and Martin Hill
Image credit: Facebook | Iona Stewart

Originally from Nottingham, UK, Martin, and Iona preferred a nomadic lifestyle. Traveling is a passion of theirs, so their dream home needed to accommodate that. Additionally, they loved being outdoors, and having a house on wheels was the perfect solution. That way, they could choose a new scenic area to wake up to every morning.

A view from their travels in France
Image credit: Facebook | Iona Stewart

The idea came to them three years ago while they were having a “few beers” together. Martin had a sudden idea home buying “a big American truck” and converting it into their dream home. So, the very next day they were surfing through eBay, where they found an old bread delivery truck being sold at £3,600 ($4,500).

A lot of elbow grease and a few months later

Buying the yellow bread truck did not mean they could suddenly move right in. In fact, the real job had only just begun. Martin and Iona had to make this industrial truck, into a comfortable living space. the whole job from basic truck to dream home took four months to complete. Martin did most of the hard labor, but Iona had an eye for interior design.

The dream home kitchen
Image credit: Facebook | Iona Stewart

Their home includes an open-plan kitchen and living room area. The kitchen is decked out with a wooden countertop, and a white tiled backsplash. It is equipped with a full-sized oven, a gas hob, ample storage space, and a refrigerator. Oh, and the kitchen sink of course.

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Bathroom layout
image credit: Facebook /Iona Stewart

The bathroom is situated just off the kitchen. It is separated by a sliding door for both convenience and privacy. Inside, you will find a small corner sink with shelving space built into the corner for their toiletries. Additionally, there is a toilet.

The living space
image credit: Facebook /Iona Stewart

The living area, or lounge, has an L-shaped couch that doubles as a double bed for guests. There is a storage cupboard surrounding the ceiling, and a beautiful baby powder blue paint job to finish it off. Amazingly, they even included a small furnace to keep the place warm during the winter months.

the bedroom
Image credit: Facebook | Iona Stewart

Next, we have the bedroom, which has two small steps you must climb. The room boasts a double bed so both Martin and Iona can fit comfortably. There is also a traditional closet for their clothes. As well as storage space above their bed.

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