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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 23, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman Gets Locked on Roof, Decides It’s Faster to Order Uber Eats Than Call for Help

Just an FYI- if you have to go to the roof of your building and you don’t know if the latches are stable enough- carry a cinder block. Or a stick. Or anything that will stop you from getting locked out. And, keep a cell phone with you- completely charged. If the groom in the Hangover film series had done that- the movie wouldn’t have been released in the first place. But in a modern-day, real-life setting, having a phone on hand and Uber Eats installed helped a TikToker- by the name of Maggie- who was locked out of her building on the roof.

Thankfully, since she had her phone- she did have quite a few options as to who would help her. As it stands, Maggie didn’t want to disturb the cops- because she thought this was embarrassing enough, and the cops probably had far more important crimes to stop. So- he called the next best option- Uber Eats. 

TikToker Calls Uber Eats After She Is Locked Out Of Her Apartment On The Roof

Maggie could have also called her landlord up but she didn’t know the building policy regarding tenants going to the roof- and she didn’t want to be a problematic tenant as well. People on TikTok did marvel at her idea of calling the food delivery app, with one individual commenting, “This happened to some girls when I was waiting in line for Ice cream once. So they just yelled down the street for someone to come and help them.”  According to the original poster, she decided that the best way to get out of the situation would be to call Uber Eats- not only would the delivery guy open the door for her, but she would also receive a meal. Therefore, she placed an order- but had a very specific set of instructions added to it. 

Other commenters also marveled at this quick thinking. One user wrote, “Further proof that Uber is faster than calling 911”, while another user lamented, “I would just cry and accept it.” In her TikTok video, Maggie said, “I got locked on my roof and nobody’s available to come to help me out, so I ordered Uber Eats.” In the background, one could hear police sirens. Another commenter wrote, “If that tip wasn’t hefty for that man no words are going to be spoken.” And we really hope the man did get a big tip for his trouble. The instructions Maggie gave were, “Um, I put in the instructions that you have to just buzz every apartment until someone lets you in and then come up to the roof and let me out.” One user wrote, “You Macgyver’ed that s**t! Well done!!

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5 stars and a good tip for Jeffrey the best uber eats delivery in Manhattan #nyclife #nycapartment #nycrooftop #apartmenthacks

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Delivery To The Rescue

As it turns out, the instructions given by Maggie to the Uber Eats delivery person worked, as the delivery guy could be seen in the next clip, hitting open the door and knocking down a water bottle in the process. Later, Maggie could be seen in her own apartment, as she spoke, “Safe in my apartment plus I have a burrito now. I call that a win.”

As far as the tip was concerned, Maggie wrote, “5 stars and a good tip for Jeffrey the best uber eats delivery driver in Manhattan.” Another user recalled one incident where they had done something similar- “Went out for drinks after work one night and got too f***** up to drive home so I ordered pizza to my house and just rode with one of my drivers.” Several other commenters praised Maggie’s quick thinking. One user wrote, “This is just NEXT LEVEL thinking. Brilliant!” Another wrote, “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Modern problems require modern solutions.

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