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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 13, 2022 ·  3 min read

Woman dyes dog’s fur red so he won’t get stolen

Everyone loves a good animal video on TikTok. They make up a large proportion of the content on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. One woman has made a name for her pooch by dyeing him a bright red color. Being a Great Pyrenees, he is now a giant red animal that is hard to miss when you are out and about. Some people called it animal abuse, but his owner says he’s “adorable in red.”

Dan the Big Red Great Pyrenees
Image credit: TikTok

Anti-theft hack for her Great Pyrenees

When scrolling through your TikTok ForYou page, if you are an animal lover, you might have come across a Great Pyrenees named Dandy. This isn’t just any pooch, his owner has made the effort to dye him a bright red color. This eye-catching doggo is nothing but loveable, according to his owner, TikTok user Chloe. She said that when people pass by when they’re out on a walk, they just smile and ask if they can pet him. “Dan loves people and kids but he’s 130lbs so people would get scared of him. Now people don’t get scared of him! They only smile and ask to give him attention. He loves that.”

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Dan gets more attention when he's bright red.
Image credit: TikTok

Naturally, there are a lot of concerned TikTok viewers who are not used to seeing a borderline neon-red dog. However, Dandy is a Great Pyrenees, a very expensive breed. The sad fact is that dogs are easily made victims of theft. Chloe has gone the extra mile to prevent her beloved furbaby from being stolen. Because there aren’t many Great Pyrenees dogs in her neck of the woods, the color makes him unique. and easily recognizable. “[I did it to] keep him from getting stolen. He’s a rare breed in my area,” wrote Chloe in one of the posts for Dandy. She also said that Dan “looks adorable in red.”

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It’s safe, she says

In response to the comments slamming her for animal abuse by dying her Great Pyrenees red, Chloe says the products she uses are vegan. Furthermore, it allegedly makes his fur softer. She has dedicated a lot of time to correct the misconceptions surrounding dying animals in order”‘to educate others on safe pet dye practices.”


#duet with @hailey_gee13 OMG she ate dog fur dye to PROVE that it is 100% SAFE

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In one of her posts, she did a duet with another TikTok user. This person had eaten some of the same dye Chloe used on Dandy just to prove there are no toxic substances inside the formula. Then, for those who are curious about what product she uses, choose has mentioned the brand’s name. It is called Opawz, which is created especially for dying animal fur. On their website, you can find all the information you need about the product, and the ingredients used. “Permanent Colour lasts for more than 20 washes. For creative grooming competition and professional groomers use,” reads the Opawz website. “Long-lasting permanent color specially formulated for dog and horse. Provides bright, fashionable, and unique color results.”

Comments on the bright red Great Pyrenees

As the norms of social media go, there are thousands of comments to read and enjoy. Many of them are judgmental and claim Chloe is abusing her Great Pyrenees, Dan. One person asked, “Is it just me or is this abuse?”

Contrary to the negative comments, there are many positive ones that back up Chloe’s big red dog. One person said: “Yall my sister is a professional dog groomer and to prove a Karen wrong she literally ate dog hair dye once and was fine.” Another said: “It’s very obvious this color job was done professionally. I love how you guys avoided his eyes and noes. I love your fluffy red rug.”

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Editor’s Note: We know Clifford the dog featured in our lead image is not a Great Pyrenees, he’s a Giant Vizsla. We just couldn’t help ourselves and thought the similarity was hilarious!