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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
March 18, 2024 ·  3 min read

The Woman who was Caught with 9 Pounds of Marijuana Hidden Inside a Fake Baby Bump

Traveling can be a fun experience and doesn’t have to be a challenge. However, to some, the challenge is what makes traveling fun. Especially when you’re smuggling something illegal using a fake baby bump. That’s exactly what this woman from Argentina did when she was caught carrying 15 solid bricks of marijuana. 9 pounds of marijuana were confiscated, and it was all stuffed into her ‘baby bump.’ You could say she was ‘expecting’, just not to be caught.

Caught With 9 Pounds Of Marijuana?

The unnamed woman was reportedly traveling with her male companion to the Chilean border. However, they had an obscene amount of weed on them while trying to enter Chile. Once they reached the checkpoint in Mendoza, officers searched the individuals on the bus they were on. Claimed as the ‘Narco pregnancy’, officers found 15 bricks of cannabis inside the fake pregnant stomach. In addition, they also found 2 other bricks of marijuana inside her personal bag. This ended up totaling around 9 pounds of marijuana between the two. (1)

“Officers discovered a passenger was carrying two cannabis bricks in a black bag. A young woman was beside him who appeared to be pregnant. She was asked to leave the vehicle and it was confirmed she was also carrying drugs and no baby inside of her.” A police spokesman explained after busting the two scandalous individuals. (1)

After seizing the 9 pounds of marijuana from the couple, the woman was charged with smuggling drugs. The authority’s statement said that the couple was on their way to Santa Oliva in Patagonia.

“She made a belly out of paste, hid 15 cannabis bricks inside it, and faked a pregnancy before trying to take it from Mendoza to Santa Cruz.” States Argentina’s Minister for Security Patricia Bullrich in a tweet. “The pretend mom-to-be and her accomplice were arrested.” (1)

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Working Together To Stop Crime

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that police have arrested people for smuggling drugs into the country. In fact, in 2019 Chile and Argentina brought down one of the biggest criminal rings. There were numerous reports of synthetic drugs being mailed all over Argentina. Ranging from LSD, ecstasy, and methamphetamine. (2)

After conducting a series of raids throughout the city, five properties in Argentina led to seven arrests. Seizing over 3,100 pills of ecstasy, more than 100 doses of LSD, and 3 kilograms of MDMA powder. Two other individuals were arrested in Chile for attempting to recover 1.6 kilograms of MDMA powder. They were caught as authorities tracked the package from the drug ring sent from the Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza airport.

In light of this, 2019 was the year that Argentina paired up with Paraguay to effectively fight marijuana trafficking. The couple carrying 9 pounds of marijuana was just the beginning. They also were able to arrest some of the top drug traffickers in collaboration with Bolivia. In addition, a renewed effort against smuggling at the Tri-Border Area with Brazil and Paraguay. (2)

Despite their efforts this past year, there is still a constant flow of synthetic drugs. Belgium and Germany are two of their biggest problems with drug management. Hundreds of thousands of pills in Argentina pour into the country specifically from these two. However, officials report that drugs are being confiscated everywhere. In 2018, most confiscations were at seaports. This includes Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mar del Plata, Paraná, Mendoza, and Santa Fe. In addition, some confiscations were made at the border crossings with Chile.

Don’t Smuggle Anything

There’s a reason why countries have these rules and regulations when it comes to traveling. Take this man in India who was caught smuggling seven gold bars up his bum.

Anyways, the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t try to smuggle anything illegal anywhere. Don’t try to smuggle gold and definitely do not try to smuggle 9 pounds of marijuana. Especially if you intend to use public services such as the mail or the airport.

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