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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 29, 2024 ·  3 min read

What Name Do You See On This Starbucks Cup?

Do you remember a couple of years ago when the internet was ablaze with the “dress” fiasco? Was it white and gold or blue and black? Well, it’s actually a blue and black dress and the lighting has a drastic effect on our perception- but that’s not the point. We have another confusing image for you to decipher, and this time it’s in the form of a Starbucks cup.

In the instance of the infamous dress, the science behind how people saw different colours is fascinating. The short version goes like this: if you were someone who considered themselves to be a night owl, you would assume the lighting was casting a shadow on the dress, creating a blue light effect. However, if you were a morning person who spent a lot of time out during the day, you would have assumed the lighting was natural, and your perception would have shown you a more white and gold dress. Our daily lives and our preferences have a pretty big impact on how we see the rest of the world.

It’s kind of funny how one person can see one thing, and another person can see something completely different. What’s even stranger is how it is almost inconceivable that someone doesn’t see the same thing as you. When you think about it, our perception is really all we have when it comes to determining reality from fiction. What you see is what you get, right? Well, as it turns out, not always.

What do you see written on this Starbucks cup?

There is a name here on the Starbucks cup, but people are divided on what it says. When you first look at it, do you see Corey? Or Greg? Did you see another name altogether?

Source: Twitter/X

Now, obviously, this guy’s name is Greg, so he should assume it’s his name on the Starbucks cup, right? Well, if you’ve ever been to Starbucks, you know they get a bit busy and have tons of customers. What if they gave him the wrong drink- Corey’s drink? Greg decided to go to Twitter and ask his followers what they saw. The reactions were as one would expect.

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Whether you see Greg, or Corey, or 6 rey, we’d love to know your answer. Tell us what you see written on this Starbucks cup in the comments!

If you enjoyed that, you’ll probably like trying to figure out what color this shoe is supposed to be. Do you see a pink and white shoe or a grey and teal one?

green van shoe

Personally, I saw a grey and teal shoe, but a lot of my friends saw something different. The difference depends on your sensitivity to light and how your brain is interpreting that light. It’s also due to the poor lighting in the image. If you want to know the true color of these shoes, they are pink and white!

green and pink van shoe

It’s important to remember that everything can be altered, or perceived differently in today’s world. Not everyone will see things the same way you do. Whether you are enjoying a delicious iced coffee out of your favorite Starbucks cup, or you are wearing a blue and black dress with pink and white sneakers, someone will see you differently. Embrace differences!

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