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A Viral Tweet About Pens Is Dividing The Internet. Where Do You Stand?

Twitter usually hosts people trying to argue over the most mundane things on Earth. But interestingly, those arguments can often be very riveting- with multiple opinions shared across the platform. And to be fair, as long as people are polite to each other and not hurling abuses, such an argument seems quite delectable- something that one wouldn’t assume from the argument topic. This time, we have a viral Tweet where people started talking about their favorite pens from a catalog of seven different ones. Here’s the tweet:

When asked about their preferences, they had pretty clear answers.

Some people were pretty adamant in their convictions about this viral tweet. They considered pen number 6 the best- for it gave a certain about of resistance and gravitas to the writing.

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Interestingly, there were some who thought that number 3 deserved more appreciation.

But for a large majority, it was number 5 for life.

On the other hand, some were just not happy with the merchandise on display- and wanted some more. So they got in their own roller-ball pens, as well as those that look like pencils.

The crown did go to the mega-pen- for who would want to get rid of this pen that has every conceivable ink under the Sun?

Well, where do you stand on this viral tweet? Tell us in the comments below!

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