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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 19, 2024 ·  9 min read

17 Mind-Bending Photos Of Things You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Brace yourself for a jolt of adrenaline! This collection of 17 photos isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re diving headfirst into unsettling scenes that will send shivers down your spine and elicit a primal urge to scream. Whether it’s a hauntingly empty playground shrouded in mist or a close encounter with something unseen lurking in the shadows, these images will tap into your deepest fears and leave you checking over your shoulder. So, grab a pillow to clutch (and maybe a friend to hold onto), because you’re about to enter a world where nightmares become reality…

1. The Human Fetus Inside the Womb, An Endoscopic View

Endoscopic view of a fetus in the womb
Image Credits: u/ybatyolo |

A few Redditors joked, “Damn, livestreaming from the belly? Now I know this kid is too young to have a phone! Why would you even give a preborn a phone?” “I’m not even born yet and even I know Nord VPN is the best way to keep your browsing private! Use “fetus420″ to save 20% on your subscription! Okay, now back to the Alpha High Value No-Days-Off Beast Mode Fetus Man Podcast!” “Well, it’s like living in a cozy, water-filled apartment with room service from mom 24/7. It’s all about floating around, practicing your kickboxing moves, and growing like a little ninja in training.”

2. Working in Concrete

Person working in concrete
Image Credits: u/StcStasi |

Some Redditors argued, “Fun fact, you can’t. concrete is 3 times havier then water, so you are incredibly buoyant in it. if it where any deeper he would propably be floating.” “Fun fact bricks don’t float and enough of them put together will make him not float either . So many gang movies come to mind when seeing this lol .” Some asked if there’s a better way to do this, and the responses said, “There are, just more time consuming. You lay most of the way, let it set then set up barriers to do it section by section only laying a few inches instead of what he’s doing which is pointless since the level will shift as soon as he leaves.” “There is. Real concrete would never be that liquid and free moving when it’s poured. Much less being able to walk through it. But china does what they don’t regulate because it’s cheap. And the fact there is no rebar in there at all, also leads me to believe it’s china.”

3. An Incoherent Text

Random text
Image Credits: u/Joeman106 |

A commentator gave their own version: “Back when I was a teen my dad called home and asked me to give my mom the phone. It was like, 6AM and my mom wasn’t having any of it but eventually I poked her enough times we had the following conversation:
Me: Mom, wake up. Dad’s on the phone.
Mom: What?
Me: Dad’s on the phone.
Mom: (mumbles something)
Me: Uh, what?
Mom: Get off the wet floor.
Me: (looks at carpet) What?! Why’s the floor wet?
Dad: What’s happening? Is she up?
Me: I don’t–
Mom: The people are coming.
Me: What? Who’s coming???
Mom: Get off the wet floor the people are coming!
Me: (Epiphany) Oh. Dad she’s still asleep 😂

We still tease her about it lol”

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4. This Terrifying T-Shirt

Scary T-shirt
Image Credits: u/myscrabbleship |

Some commentators added, “Ddaaaamm both of those are fucked up scary yo! A 40 year old mother goes missing and the family finds her not the police. And a 20 some year old who dials 911 at 4am the call is disconnected and he is found dead 14 hours later. The second one must have been terrifying for dispatch to hear.” “Where did this happen? It reminds me of a story a customer told me while I worked at the bank. He said his wife disappeared and was found dead and the family blamed him but he says he didn’t do it. Mind you, I was just exchanging change for this man. He was an employee of pastry company that did their banking with us 😶. I did not ask any follow up questions.”

5. Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone
Image Credits: u/ZippyMcLintball |

A Redditor said, “Kidney stones are the worst. Experienced my first one in December of 2016. I was in the break room at work before clocking in, reading an article about people’s appendix bursting more these days (or something close to that) and then felt this CRAZY pain in my lower back and abdominal area. I was like wtf is happening, I thought my appendix had burst lol.
Went to the bathroom in cold sweats, laid on the floor in one of the stalls in the fetal for like 20 minutes, borderline crying.
Drove myself to the hospital and passed a stone after they gave me an IV of fluids.
They told me I had several other kidney stones sitting in my kidneys, little ticking time bombs.
I drastically changed my lifestyle from that day forward. All I drink is water and I keep a relatively healthy diet.
Just terrible always knowing those little fuckers are sitting in my kidneys, waiting to attack and dismantle me.”

6. This Abandoned Polish House

Abandoned polish House
Image Credits: u/Monsur_Ausuhnom |

Some Redditors were intrigued and said, “Haunting but beautiful” “This is either a Tim Burton movie, or a Resident Evil level. Or both.” “The decay is a relatively new phenomenon. Under Soviet occupation after WW II it was used as a farm, a school and offices. In 2003 it was under a ten year private lease and apparently that is when it really started to fall to pieces. A building like this needs maintenance every single day, on a large scale and I imagine it was very expensive to keep up on that.” “Meanwhile, main characters family in horror movie: Wow, what a beautiful place to live!”

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7. Camouflaged Insects

Camouflaged insects
Image Credits: u/Majoodeh | Via

Some commentators exclaimed, “I was mesmerised by the big green one when I saw it in a book as a kid. It felt so weird, and the feeling remained pretty much the same.” “They’re beautiful and worst they can do is poke you with their little pincers. How could you think of them as terrifying?” “I’ve once grab a stick bug unintentionally though it was a small stick since i was bored waiting outside the park. It was cool experience cause i thought i catch a rare Pokémon or something.” “Those dired up leaves are pretty harmless unless you are an insect or small criter yourself. Is Op an Insect¿”

8. A Stonefish’s Face

A stonefish
Image Credits: u/Individual_Book9133 |

Some comments say, “Bro was so scared he became an opera singer” “Aren’t stone fish super venomous?” “They have spines on their back that release the venom, I suppose this is all good even though I would go nowhere near a stone fish lol” “There are several varieties of this type of fish, as a scuba diver I have dove in the Indian pacific, Thailand, Australia, and all over the Caribbean and I haven’t been to a place without a “no touchy” don’t step on it kind of camouflaged fish. They are called stone, rock or scorpion fish interchangeably in casual settings but I know they are separate species within there.”

9. These Coffin-Shaped Windows In A Hospital

Coffin-shaped hospital windows
Image Credits: u/BESTlittleBITCH |

Some Redditors added, “Somebody else said it here, but these are from a hospital in the town of Zwolle, The Netherlands. There are not the doors for the morgue, all though that would have been appropriate given the shape of the windows. These are doors are part of the design that the architect had in mind for the whole hospital. Only in hindsight they realized they look like coffins. Google “isala zwolle deuren” and you’ll see.”

10. This Glitching Church Sign

Glitching church sign
Image Credits: u/MrSpookley |

Some Redditors added, “I can see this be the opening for any religious/cosmic horror story. Imagine an opening shot of the sign, then a scene of praying, then the sign glitching, then a scene of a kid finding something in the church attic, then the sign glitching but the word NOT appears in a scratchy text that doesn’t match the rest before in control, then a scene of the monster (either a super close up of it’s teeth or an out of shot image of it’s hand/claw. Basically anything that lets you know something bad is there but not what it is).”

11. These Balloons

Huge collection of balloons
Image Credits: u/FenixDriver |

Some Redditors questioned, “Fuck can we get r/theydidthemath to figure out the sheer amount of rose petals this would take? 😂 I don’t even know how you’d go about calculating that, but think about the poor chap that had to pull that many petals off a rose.”

12. This Unsettling Cat Picture

Picture of cat mid-shake
Image Credits: u/No_Gray_Area | Via

A Redditor exclaimed, “I looked at this pic and the first thing I thought was “Damn his eyes look like the ones on Spiderman’s mask and now I can’t unsee it-”

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13. This Bird At A PBS Station

PBS Bird
Image Credits: u/bogjumly avataru/bogjumly | Via

Some Redditors laughed, “Aw I love Bid Borg. He was my favorite as a kid, after Ostin the Groop. I liked Snutty too. And Elmut. Really all the characters on Simsaman Stroit.“Big Bird’s mom on a bender?” “That’s Bigbiruppagus. They had to fuse in order to save Sesame Street.” “Did Big Bird get beaten to hell, then forced to wear a dress? Bird’s been through & seen some shit.”

14. This Statue

Statue of a bear
Image Credits: u/DrWonderpants | Via

Some commentators said, “Is there a word for when you see something as a kid that scares the fuck out of you, repress it, and suddenly see it again as an adult, but have no idea if you ever actually saw the thing to begin with by that point in your life?“I have no idea. Aren’t people scared enough of the dentist?!”Looks like a polar bear human hybrid. Abominable snowman ?”

15. This Cursed Chest

Old Chest
u/Doomathemoonman / Via

Someone said, “Greetings friend with a peculiar name – good to see someone appreciate this piece of furniture at r/oddlyterrifying. Bet you like old, withered castles, tomes of magic, and doing heretical shenanigans in the deepwoods on a mountaintop, casting magicks and brewing in a cauldron?”

16. This Mass of Birds

Mass gathering of birds
Image Credits: u/down_therabbit_h0le | Via

Some Redditors explained, “Do you live in the path of totality? I hope so, they’re gathering for a ritual”Yep, birds got wild right before and then during actual totality it was straight up creepy the way they made noise and circled, almost panicked.” “Exactly. Alfred Hitchcock has taught me to stay away from the birds! They’re most likely plotting my untimely death.

17. This Blanket

Terrifying blanket
Image Credits: u/HybridPosts |

Some Redditors joked, “That’s a good prank if you ever have guests staying for the night. Might give them a heart attack though”

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