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9 Out Of 10 People Can’t Spot The SECOND Man In This Picture! But Can You Find Him?

Recently, an optical illusion has taken the internet by storm. It is so difficult to figure out, that many people have given up completely! However, we know you will be able to solve it if you take your time. After all, the most important aspect of any visual test is having patience! So, if you are ready to give this challenge a try, continue reading.

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Of course, these visual tests are designed to make you think outside of the box. So, you may have to change your normal way of thinking to something a bit less linear. Remember, the key to these brainteasers is to train your brain to adapt to new information. Unless you have a cyborg brain that can resist the effects of aging, you’re going to need to exercise your brain every day.


Brain Benefits

Solving optical illusions like the one we have for you today is more than just a fun game. In fact, these kinds of puzzles can keep your brain healthy and active, just as a normal exercise for your body would!


There are apps and games that have been studied in well-designed, randomized clinical trials and have been proven to improve the brain’s processing speed, attention, and memory, all thanks to neuroplasticity. ‘I advise patients to do a combination of physical activity and brain exercises every day. The key is to challenge yourself,‘ says Dr. Dumitrascu, neurologist.

We have a lot of evidence that Alzheimer’s starts at least 20 years before memory problems are manifested,” she says. “I advise patients to do a combination of physical activity and brain exercises every day. The key is to challenge yourself.


Today’s Visual Challenge

Interestingly, from what we’ve noticed, 9 out of 10 people were unable to solve today’s optical illusion challenge. If you think you’ve got what it takes, scroll down to reveal the challenge.

Take a look at the picture below. You will notice there is the face of a man. However, somewhere in this image is a second face! Can you find it in less than 30 seconds? If so, you can consider yourself to be mentally sharp! Start your timer now, and good luck!

man image optical illusion
Credit: Brightside

You can see the man with his mustache, and his cap. It looks like he is wearing a grey shirt with a baggy collar, and he may be due for a haircut very soon. However, there is still another face to find! Time is almost up, have you found him yet?

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George Milton – Pexels

Alright, the 30 seconds have passed, and hopefully, you were able to find the solution to this puzzle. We know it wasn’t easy at all, so, if you got it right, you should reward yourself! Remember, not many people were able to correctly figure out this brainteaser!



So, you found the first man’s face pretty easily. But, what about the second one? Well, if you need a bit of help with that, we have the answer for you below. If you changed your perspective or shifted your screen, you may have noticed something strange. In fact, try turning your device upside down, and you’ll see the other face!

Credit – Brightside

See? When turned upside down, the man’s cap quickly becomes a smile! So, did you get this one right, or do you need more practice? If you still need some challenges to try out, take a look at the selection below!