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May 20, 2024 ·  5 min read

Single Dad Raises Son, Later Finds Out The Boy is Not His

Following the sudden departure of his wife a month after their son’s birth, a man had to navigate the challenges of raising his baby as a single dad. Although initially struggling in his new role as a single parent, he eventually adapted and became more confident. He didn’t know the child he had grown to love was not biologically his, and he would eventually have to part ways with him.

Dominique Hermann, a resident of New Jersey, was overjoyed when his third child, Sa’kye Dominique, was born on. Despite having previous parenting experience, Hermann felt just as ecstatic as he did with his first child. However, life took an unexpected turn for Hermann when his child’s mother abandoned them both just a month after the birth—leaving him to raise the baby alone.

Single dad Dominique posted on how proud he was
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With Sa’kye Dominique’s mom abandoning him, a single dad loved him regardless

When Hermann’s child’s mother abandoned them, he was left with no choice but to become a single parent and raise his baby alone. Despite lacking prior experience in caring for an infant, Hermann rose to the challenge. To help him navigate this new role, he enlisted the help of a babysitter who kindly offered her services free of charge.

Additionally, Hermann’s family rallied around him to support him in raising his child. And he gradually became more comfortable in his role. When his son turned four months old, Hermann’s parents began assisting him. As he cared for his son, Hermann couldn’t help but contemplate the future and the challenges they would face together.

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Unbeknownst to him at the time, fate had another curveball in store for him, as he would eventually have to say goodbye to his beloved child

Becoming a father for the third time at the age of 40 was not something that Hermann had planned for. And he admits that it was not on his list of goals. Nevertheless, he was determined to be the best possible father to his newborn baby, even though he had no idea what lay ahead.

However, after raising his child for nine months, Hermann was devastated to learn that he was not Dominique’s biological father. Feeling helpless and uncertain about what to do, he reluctantly agreed to give up his 10-month-old son to his biological family, whom he knew little about.

A heartbroken single dad had to return the baby he knew as his son

The single dad was left heartbroken when he received the news that Dominique’s biological father wanted him back. A court order left him with no choice but to prepare for his baby’s departure. Something he never thought would happen.

Throughout his journey as a single father, Hermann shared regular updates about his son. You can see them on his Instagram account, @chefdomcreates. In a poignant post, he wrote about having to return his beloved child to his biological father “like a rented toy.” Despite the pain of saying goodbye, Hermann expressed hope that his son would always be in God’s hands. And remain his son forever.

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Despite the pain and helplessness he felt, Hermann made the difficult decision to give up his son to his biological family, per the court’s orders. He recognized the birth father’s desire to have his child back and empathized with his situation. Stating that he would have felt the same way if he were in the father’s shoes.

In conversations with Dominique’s biological family, Hermann expressed understanding and refused to place blame on them for the situation. Although he had hoped to keep his beloved baby with him forever, he found compassion and sympathy for the other family’s situation.

Dominique with his 'son'
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A terribly hard thing for the single dad to do, but he knew he had to

The single dad had been eagerly anticipating his baby’s first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday, but his hopes were dashed when Dominique’s biological father took him away on November 22, 2019. The father felt a deep sadness as a piece of his heart was taken away with his baby. Despite the heartbreak, Hermann expressed his hope that Dominique’s new family would love him just as much as he and his family did.

While he prayed for the best for his son, the absence of the baby left a void in his life that could not be filled. The father had developed a strong bond with his child over the course of 10 months. And he struggled to adjust to a life without him. Hermann missed his beloved baby deeply.

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After going through the most challenging two months of his life since Dominique’s departure, Hermann was surprised by an incredible opportunity. Dominique’s biological father reached out to Hermann and invited him and his family to visit the little boy.

The reunion was heartwarming, and Hermann shared a photo of Dominique sleeping on his chest. Hermann was incredibly grateful to the biological father for allowing him to see his son again. Something he never thought possible.

Following the reunion, Hermann regularly updated his Instagram with photos and videos of his beloved son. Expressing how much he missed him. One year after the biological father took Dominique away, Hermann posted a video of their reunion day and shared that he had come to accept God’s plans.

The single dad learned how to heal

Hermann’s experience of having to give up his beloved son was a difficult one. But he managed to find the strength to move forward. His story is a testament to the unpredictability of life and the challenges that come with it. Despite the hardship he faced, he didn’t give up and learned how to navigate his new reality.

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