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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
May 8, 2023 ·  3 min read

The Moment This Shelter Dog Realizes He’s Being Adopted is the Most Beautiful Thing Ever

This dog shelter posts the “freedom walk” of their dogs as they exit their kennels and meet their new families. However, some dogs look sad and confused as they are being led out. Even as their new owners embrace them, they don’t seem to understand that they are going home, a true home where people will love them and take care of them. Many of the rescued dogs had been neglected and abused so it may take time for them to warm up to their new owners and realize that they are truly free.

However, not all dogs need time to realize they are going home. Benny was an 8-month-old pitbull with a sweet disposition who arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in desperate need of a good home. His freedom walk, about a month later, touched the hearts of everyone who watched it. [1]

A Shelter Dog’s Happy Freedom Walk

The Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook group has a simple mission: Sharing pictures and videos of the dogs at the Carson Shelter to help them find good homes. They also film the “freedom walk” where the dog leaves the kennel for the first time and walks with his owners to their car. Although some pups are quiet, hesitant, even reluctant, Benny was none of those things. After a few moments of suspense, he seemed to understand exactly what was going on. He was finally going home to a loving family. And he couldn’t be more thrilled.

This special little guy captured the hearts of everyone who stopped by his kennel,” wrote the Facebook group. “He hit the jackpot when this beautiful family chose to take him home. Thanks for all you SHARING, checkout his FREEDOM WALK filled with lots of jumps and tail wagging! Happy life sweet BENNY.”

Every animal deserves a second chance, and that’s definitely true for dogs, especially those who had been neglected or abandoned by their previous owners. People may be concerned about building a connection with a dog from a rescue shelter, but remember, these animals have so much love to give that they hadn’t been able to before. Dogs are loyal creatures, and every moment you invest into their wellbeing, they’ll give it right back to you. That could be in form of making you more physically active, more social, more adventurous, and more relaxed. Because you’ll have a sweet, comforting, and life-long friend who’ll be there for you throughout all of life’s stressors. [2]

Freedom After Abandonment

Another freed dog from the shelter was Ragnar. The 5-year-old German Shepherd had been surrendered to the shelter because his previous family was moving from Missouri to Los Angeles. Jessica from Earth Angels Rescue, a dog rescue in LA, was there when he was being dropped off. She had come to save another dog and tried to convince the owner not to leave Ragnar behind, telling him about other options, but he wasn’t persuaded. Ragnar had been with this owner since he was a puppy, and he was a playful and loving dog who lost his home through no fault of his own.

The shelter wrote on Facebook that he was upset and confused after he arrived, crying out for his owner.  Ragnar was not doing well in the kennel and failed his assessments. He was scheduled to be euthanized, but Jessica and her sister, Molly, who founded the Earth Angels Rescue, couldn’t allow that to happen. [3] Jessica went to pick Ragnar up, and this was his freedom walk.

But as of February, the rescue announced that after his healing and training program, Ragnar is ready for a foster home or a forever home. “He was dumped by the only human he had ever known,” the rescue wrote on Instagram. They explain that he “needs stability with someone with the ability to help him become his best self again. He is in the Los Angeles area, but we are open to transport to find him his human.” You can apply to adopt Ragnar on the Earth Angel Rescue website

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