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The Internet Is Divided After Viral Video Shows Woman Rinsing Off Cooked Ground Beef

We’ve all come across food hacks online. I’ve even tried a few myself. Sometimes you can find new and innovative ways to prepare household favorites and impress your friends and family. TikTok is absolutely filled with useful videos like these. Helpful kitchen suggestions to save you time and money, as well as some crazy “must try” flavor combinations for those of us looking for a taste adventure. However, every now and again a video stirs up online debate rather than the contents of your casserole pot. One such clip was a “kitchen tip” from a TikTok user called Emily Harper. In the video, she advised rinsing cooked ground beef over the sink as a method of getting rid of excess grease in the meat. Little did she know that her food hack she apparently learned in nutrition classes, would create such an uproar on the internet.


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The video clip started as a simple “kitchen tip

Emily’s video was entitled, “another kitchen tip for you,” with a rosy-cheeked emoji. As it begins, the clip shows her emptying a Ziploc bag of ground meat into her frying pan. “Let me show you what I learned in Nutrition a couple years ago,” the caption reads. As we cut to the mince bubbling away, the text that comes up says “all this grease is disgusting.” Emily then grabs a colander in which she empties the bubbling contents of the frying pan. The caption advice is simple. “So get rid of it!” She then proceeds with rinsing the cooked ground beef with cold water over the kitchen sink. “Look at the difference!” the video text exclaims after she dumps the mince back into the completely dry frying pan.

@eemilydharperr, TikTok
Emily Harper rinsing cooked ground beef over the kitchen sink.
Image: @eemilydharperr, TikTok

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Emily’s rinsing cooked ground beef clip caused a stir, even among chefs

The 25-year-old Canadian had no idea what she had cooked up. Since it was posted, Emily’s kitchen tip video has amassed over 6 million views on TikTok. Who knew that rinsing cooked ground beef would start such an online whirlwind. People began sharing the clip on multiple social media platforms and the debate went from simmer to sizzle in no time. Comments came in from far and wide, ranging from sarcastic slurs about “Karens” and “the culture of white people” to articles written expressing concern for the plumbing. Emily even posted a response video saying that she didn’t want any beef, so to speak. She revealed that she had even received death threats over her TikTok clip, which was not her intention I’m sure. It was made out that she was the enemy of flavor, according to some highly accoladed chefs. [2]


There were strong opinions on Twitter

A user called @hinadira said, “I know I didn’t just see someone rinsing off cooked ground beef on my timeline.

While @IanZPaik stated, “That video of someone rinsing their ground beef is going to ruin my week.

Another tweet, from @The_JJAllen, admitted, “I started when she drained the fat down the sink to congeal in and clog up the pipes. Rinsing the meat under the faucet was just flavorless icing on the sawdust cake.” Some were ever so slightly more sympathetic like

@NuclearGear15, who said “In terms of healthy cooking, the only issue I have is she’s pouring the grease down her sink drain. That’s a great way to clop a drain down the line. If you don’t want to cook with grease, drain it into an empty container and throw it in the garbage. It will save you on plumbing.


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