picnic riddle

Answer the riddle: How many did actually go on the picnic?

Picnics are fun for the entire family. Puzzles on a picnic? Who knows, maybe they would bring out the same joy. But, you need to be a believer. We can’t expect you to come out in a sullen mood about having a real meet and greet canceled. Also, you can always attest to the fact that our puzzles light up the entire day.

So buckle up, put your thinking caps on, and let’s get on observing people who did go on the picnic. Before that, remember what we have always told you. Observational skills are the key to solving any puzzle. Look at the entire picture, and notice all the tiny elements. 




Interestingly, today’s puzzle is quite different. We don’t have the usual optical illusions or random pictures that have something hidden. This time, we have a question for you. A question that can only be solved if you have the wit and the skill necessary to find the answer.

After all, you have been solving our puzzles for quite some time now. So this should be a piece of cake for you. In fact, you would have brownie points and bragging rights if you can solve this before your friends. We won’t give out any more hints for today’s puzzle, so we hope you find it on your own. 


A Picnic For The Family- How Many Were Present?

Image Credits: The Laugh Club

An elderly couple went on a picnic. Now, they have 5 sons and every single son has 3 children. So, how many people actually went on the picnic?

Remember, you need to take into account every single person who went on this picnic. While the answer seems pretty easy, it might not be THAT easy too! It is quite tricky, we will give you that. But unsolvable- not at all. All you need to do is read the question. The answer, as we say, is often hidden inside it.

So, how many people went on this highly discussed picnic? If your calculations came to 22 people, you are wrong. Read the question properly. The first sentence stated that an elderly couple went on a picnic. The fact that they have children and grandchildren shouldn’t matter any further. After all, we never said that they went on the picnic too!

The answer, my friend, is 2. Only the couple went on the picnic- no one else.

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