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Only 4% Of Readers Will Ace The Hardest IQ Drill

Everyone wants to be considered one of the most brilliant people in the world, right? Well, today, you can claim the title of genius for yourself! All you have to do is correctly solve all ten brain teasers we have for you. It sounds pretty simple. Truth be told, they are considerably tricky. In fact, only 4% of those who have attempted this collection have been able to get them all right. So, can you ace this test? Let’s find out!

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Remember to write down your answers! At the end of the quiz, we will show you the correct solutions to each problem. So, to see if you are a genius, you’ll need to keep track of your guesses. Good luck!

Are You a Genius?

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down your answers as we go through each question.

1. Choose the odd one out:

A) Ovaries
B) Ears
C) Eyes
D) Kidneys
E) Lungs

2. Choose the odd one out:

A) Paste
B) Gum
C) Cement
D) Glue
E) Oil

3. Choose the odd one out:

A) Des Moines
B) Nashville
C) Phoenix
D) Tallahassee
E) Seattle

4. Choose the odd one out:

A) Ordinary
B) Medium
C) Mediocre
D) Average
E) Lousy

5. Choose the odd one out:

A) Roof tiles
B) Wall studs
C) Wooden beams
D) Floor joists
E) Wind loads

6. Choose the odd one out:

A) Butter
B) Bread
C) Cake
D) Biscuits
E) Cookies

7. Choose the odd one out:

A) Beets
B) Beans
C) Radishes
D) Potatoes
E) Carrots

8. Choose the odd one out:

A) Wool
B) Polyester
C) Silk
D) Cashmere
E) Leather

9. Choose the odd one out:

A) Physics
B) Chemistry
C) Literature
D) Psychology
E) Peace

10. Choose the odd one out:

A) Grandparent
B) Family
C) Ancestry
D) Bloodline
E) Dynasty


So, do you think you got them all correct? There’s only one way to find out! So scroll down to reveal the solutions to those tricky brainteasers above, and find out if you’re a genius!

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Andrea Piacquadio – Pexels
1. B) Ears.
2. E) Oil.
3. E) Seattle.
4. E) Lousy
5. E) Wind loads
6. A) Butter
7. B) Beans
8. B) Polyester
9. E) Peace
10. A) Grandparent


If you got 1 – 4 correct:

Well, you might need a little more practice when it comes to logic problems and solving riddles. The most important thing you can do for your brain is to use it! So, practice spending 15 – 30 minutes per day exercising your brain. Then, all you have to do is solve some riddles and play a few games. Because puzzles and crosswords are great for expanding your mind, we’ve left some for you to try at the end of the article too!

If you got 5 – 8 correct:

Wow! You are one smart cookie! Of course, it couldn’t hurt to give yourself some more mental exercise! Try boosting your brain power by solving math problems and optical illusions if you really want a sharp mind. Good job on today’s challenge!

If you got 9 – 10 correct:

You are a genius! Well done on getting those tricky problems solved correctly. Not too many people can say they aced this test, but you sure can! Because you did so well, you should take a break. After all, you deserve it! However, keeping your brain fit and healthy means taking care of it every single day.

Be sure to try out some more of our fun and exciting brain teasers below. But remember, practice makes perfect!