interpretive illustration of a little girl looking into the woods
Jade Small
Jade Small
April 13, 2024 ·  3 min read

The Image You See First In This Personality Test Reveals Your Deepest Personal Strengths

While they may not be comprehensive and are not to be taken too seriously, these online personality quizzes are so much fun, especially in large communities where everyone has a different perspective. It’s amazing how one simple picture can highlight how vastly different humans are, even though we are essentially the same. The irony is hilarious a lot of times, and there’s a lot of fun to be had while comparing the workings of your mind to those of other people.

Another one has rolled around and people are having a field day with perspectives. At first glance of the picture below, what do you see? 

This type of riddle is an optical illusion that hides objects or items in plain sight. You have to reconnect your eyes to different points of the picture to take it in from another point of view. Then, you may discover that there are three different entities combined into one to form the whole picture, but you’re only going to notice one of them at first glance.

Your perspectives with these quizzes online may reveal a lot about your personality. They may seem like pretty small steps but that’s the whole foundation of self-discovery – it’s a process that literally never stops.

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So, here’s what your first perspective reveals about you

The Little Girl

If you saw the little girl first, then you’re a person who is very intimate, private, and secretive. You do not like taking the louder and more obvious road because you are confident you can get things done in a simpler way. You are an observant person and your instincts are always in the sharpest mode. You may have trust issues because you are quick to see things that people do not want you to know about them. 

Also, you are always up for a challenge. When other people are backing down because there’s an obstacle canceling their efforts, you dive in head-first. You’re a bold risk-taker and most of the time, things work out in your favor.

The Skull

If you noticed the skull first, then you’re a very sharp person who takes things in as a whole before making a decision. When faced with a problem, you do not figure out a solution by breaking it down into entities. These actions may be subconscious but you take the entire problem in at once and attack it as a whole. It seems more efficient to you.

The skull may be a symbol of death or danger but in this case, the literal meaning does not apply. It simply portrays a person who likes to live on the large side. You do not enjoy doing things in a small or extra-careful way. You are most likely a social person that’s very welcoming and hospitable, and your ability to see the farthest ends of anything at once is one of your greatest qualities.

The Scenery

If you saw the scenery first, then you’re a very deep-thinking person that never relies on what may be on the surface. Notice that the landscape on the horizon is a foggy, deserted, and woody area starting from the frame of branches in front of the girl. Only a few people would notice the scenery first, and this means they are very deep personalities. You are a person who sees beyond what is shown on the outside at first interaction with others. When faced with a problem, you are great at thinking outside the box and exploring other opportunities apart from the most obvious ones.

You are a non-conformist. You don’t bend to any laid-down conventions because they are what everyone else is comfortable with. You are inclined to go for what suits you and everyone probably admires you for it.

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