Company Offering $2,000 To Unleash 100 Cockroaches In Your Home: Here’s Why

A North Carolina pest company has offered $2,000 to any household in exchange for dumping 100 cockroaches in their house. While at first this entire statement seems ludicrous- there’s a lot to it. This company, called The Pest Informer, recently mentioned on its website that it was looking for a few households. The households need to provide their consent for the pest technicians to run a few experiments. And for this experiment, they would be releasing 100 American cockroaches in their house. Interestingly, no spokesperson from the company responded to requests for a statement. 

The official post from Pest Informer reads, “In this study, we’re willing to pay homeowners $2,000 for us to release American cockroaches into your home, and test out a specific pest control technique, to be able to gauge how effective this treatment is.” The company is looking for around 5-7 households who would give their consent for the tests. Interestingly, the experiment will take exactly 30-days and there is an added condition to this. Homeowners will be forbidden from using any form of pest control techniques. Nevertheless, the company will be using such traditional methods if their new technique fails.[1] 


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Would You Leave Your House To 100 Cockroaches For $2,000?

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There are around 4,000 different types of cockroaches around the world. But American cockroaches are said to be the most difficult to get rid of. This is due to their hard shell as well as their resiliency, along with the speed at which they reproduce. A single female American roach can produce around two egg cases per week. Every single case contains around 16 eggs. Now, although it is unclear which technique this company would use, they have a good past backing them. The company has been in the works for 26 years. They have also stated that they are constantly developing technology for better extermination techniques. 


There are just a few rules of this study: One needs to provide consent for the study when being the rightful owner of the house. They should also be 21 years or older. Also, they have to live in the Continental United States.

If you think you have the heart and time for it, then here’s the sign-up link: The Pester Informer.

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