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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
March 26, 2024 ·  3 min read

Nap Desks Are the Only Thing Your Office Space Needs

If you work a desk job then you might whole-heartedly agree about nap desks. Most people who work at a desk will often find themselves becoming fatigued early on in their workdays. Due to long hours at a computer and consistently needing to meet deadlines no matter how late you stay up. These are but a few of the reasons why a nap desk could be perfect for you. This was designed for people who need a power nap just before cracking down on work again.

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Nap Desk Lifestyle

Studio NL is a Greek Design firm that had a certain focal point for this project: Naps. It’s made to be stylish as well as practical with a built-in napping nook underneath. All you have to do is do some minor adjustments and it turns into a bed with a blink of an eye. With the illusion of being an ordinary desk, the front panel can be removed. Additionally, a side panel that is able to angle itself enough for your head to rest on.

A pillow, blanket, and even room for a TV for you to watch while you drift off for a moment. Although this was designed back in 2015, this concept is still relevant now more than ever. With so many people that are working from home now, this might not seem like such a bad idea after all. Not only will you be able to squeeze in a few moments of sleep, but you’ll also be in a better mood going back to work. This desk was also designed to fit in compact places, so you don’t have to worry too much about space. (1)

Image Credit: Studio NL

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Why Naps Are Good For You

“The main concept was to comment on the fact that many times our lives are ‘shrinking’ in order to fit into the confined space of our office,” Explains Athanasia Leivaditou, the creator of the nap desk. (2)

As more and more people are being forced to work from home, a lot are trying to find ways to cope with this new lifestyle. A lot of people underestimate the power of naps and force themselves to work tirelessly. Although you might have to meet a certain deadline, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time for your well-being.

“Eventually, I realized that each civilization may have a very different perception of things depending on its social context. For example, this desk could be used for a siesta or for a few hours of sleep at night on those days when someone struggles to meet deadlines.” (2)

Does the nap desk remind you of this episode of Seinfeld? 😀

Getting Enough Sleep

Although there are some employers out there that would completely disagree with you napping on the job, there is some evidence to show it’s beneficial. The negative health effects that come with sleep deprivation undeniable. Many of these negative effects have been studied and can be remedied to a degree through napping (3).

The benefits of napping include:

  • Relaxation
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Increased alertness
  • Improved mood
  • Improved performance, including quicker reaction time and better memory (4)

Getting A Nap Desk And Sleep

Of course, we recommend trying to get the full amount of sleep. Typically around 7-8 hours for most, but don’t feel bad if you need more. Sleep is a very crucial piece of existence whether we like it or not. If you know somebody who’s constantly stressed from work, nap desks might be a really good gift idea.

Thanks to Studio NL, there’s also a lot of other incredible designs and concepts on their website. While this desk may not be in production, it reminds us that we all need adequate rest to function and be at our best! Are you going to figure out a way to nap on the job?

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