Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
May 29, 2024 ·  2 min read

Man Finds Out That His Missing Son Was Found In His Basement On Live TV

A TikTok reel recently showcased a video of when a dad found out that his missing son had been located in his own basement. The young child had been reported missing for close to 11 days, which did leave his family quite worried. But what added to the shock, and eventual relief was when the presenters informed him that he had been located in the basement. The interviewer, Nancy Grace for HLN, informed the worried father Charles Bothuell IV that his son was alive in the confines of their own home.

The presenter also asked the father if he had properly checked the basement. To this, the worried father responded, “I’ve searched the basement, my wife has searched the basement, the FBI has searched the basement, and the Detroit Police searched my basement. We’ve all searched the basement for my missing son multiple times.”[1]

Editors Note: This story was originally reported in 2014. This article tries to compile what transpired

Image Credit: YouTube/ HLN

Man Realizes Missing Son Was Hiding In His Own Basement

This relief soon turned into a public outcry when it was discovered that the missing son had been hiding from his father and stepmother. When the son, Charles Bothuell V was found, he went on to admit that he had been hiding in the basement. He explained that he didn’t want to face his father. He was afraid of his reaction at realizing that the son hadn’t exercised.

In 2015, the couple was arrested and then subsequently charged with torture- as well as second-degree child abuse. The torture charge was later dismissed through legal proceedings. But in 2016, the father pleaded guilty to fourth-degree child abuse, in order to remove the second-degree child abuse charges.

It was also revealed during the court proceedings that the missing son was extremely malnourished. The boy also had marks on his body when he had been discovered. The father also admitted to beating his son with a PVC pipe. He was subsequently handed around 18 months of probation and mandatory anger management classes. The man then went on to lose custody of his son. The man was also not allowed to maintain any contact with him. His wife, Dillard-Bothuell, also accepted a plea deal but the details were not made public. 

Despite this event taking place in 2015, the video was again made viral through TikTok reels. It led to certain people questioning the absurdity of the entire case. One of the commenters went on to state, “Wait this is real? There’s no way.” Another individual went on to add, “If he had no idea why didn’t he run off and go home.” And a third commenter stated, “He definitely knew if his missing son was in there.


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