Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico reveal they got married in secret

We all adore a beautiful love story. It’s a breath of fresh air to see two lovebirds, Former Miss Argentina, Mariana Varela, and former Miss Puerto Rico, Fabiola Valentin do something beautiful for each other.

Fans are absolutely shocked and delighted after learning that former Miss Argentina and former Miss Puerto Rico announced their marriage on Instagram. Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentín first met at the 2020 Miss Grand International which was held in Thailand, where both were representing their countries respectively.

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico met at the right place

The Miss Grand International pageant was originally founded in 2013 and its mission statement is pretty clear: “to send out a message to give love and peace to the world.” According to the organization’s website, its goal is to promote “the knowledge and understanding of mankind to campaign to stop war and violence.”

The two remained friends after the competition wherein they both ranked in the top 10. It turns out that the pair have secretly been dating this entire time. “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened the doors on a special day,” the caption reads in Spanish.

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The pair’s matching Instagram reels warmed hearts, showing the most precious moments from their relationship. From romantic walks on the beach to cuddles and champagne toasts, you can see how in love the pair are. The highlight of the reel was definitely the “Marry me?” part which was beautifully written in silver and gold balloons at the filmed proposal.

Video Credit: Entertainment Tonight

In just three days, the announcement video raked in over 116,000 likes and 2.6 million views on Instagram. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015 in Puerto Rico as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. Also legal in most of Latin America, Varela’s home, Argentina is on the list too, with all Mexican states now being added since.

Former Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico – what a beautiful couple

Fans and fellow competitors congratulated the couple, with Ghanaian beauty queen Abena Akuaba who won the 2020 Miss Grand International writing “Congratulations, MGI brought together a beautiful union.” The couple were overjoyed with the responses they received and Valera very graciously responded with “Thanks for all the love! We are very happy and blessed.

The comments kept flowing in with followers and fans head over heals for the couple. “You look amazing together 🥹♥️😍” one wrote, another said “What a picture!!! They are beautiful, they make a divine couple. They don’t know the inspiration they have become to so many of us. Thank you for sharing your love with us. Blessings!”

26 year old former Miss Argentina, Varela and 22 year old former Miss Puerto Rico, Valentín really do make the most gorgeous couple don’t they? It’s pretty clear that these two are deeply in love as Valentín posted on her socials: “One of the great gifts in this experience was your friendship, walking this process with you was a special and real one. I miss you, my girl @marianajvarela.”

Wishing her now-wife a happy birthday earlier this year, former Miss Puerto Rico Fabiola wrote: “Thank you for making me part of your life and accomplice of your happiness. You are a priceless treasure and I hope to keep our friendship forever.”

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