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The Trickiest Math Challenge You’ll Ever Take

Are you a genius when it comes to solving any math challenge that comes your way? We have scoured the farthest reaches of the internet to bring you this set of tricky equations from PlayBuzz. The most confusing aspect of these math problems is that they don’t appear to be tricky at all when you first look at them. They seem rather simple. That’s where the trick is! According to PlayBuzz, the creators of this test, less than 2% of people get them all right. Let’s take a look at some of these math challenges to find out how many you can get correct on your first try!


Don’t forget what you learned in school! The order of operations is going to be your best friend when trying to answer each and every math challenge below. If you get a few wrong, don’t worry about it, it’s highly unlikely you will get them all 100% right in the end. We are keeping our fingers crossed- good luck! Remember to keep track of your answers to see how did at the end.

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Are you Ready for a Tricky Math Challenge?

We gave these questions to 900 educated adults, and less than 20 people got them all correct. How well will you do?


Challenge 1

6 ÷ 2 (2+ 1) = ?

a) 1
b) 9

Challenge 2 is even trickier

a) 86
b) 60
c) 88
d) 68


Challenge 3

8 + 8 ÷ 8 + 8 x 8 – 8 = ?

a) 65
b) 72
c) 0
d) 64


Challenge 4 will really confuse you

a) -1, 0, 2
b) 0, 1, 2
c) 1, 2, 3
d) -2. -1, 0


Challenge 5

9 ÷ 3 + 4 (11-5) = ?

a) 42
b) 27


Challenge 6 is ready for you to try

a) Y is bigger than Z
b) Y is the biggest
c) Z is bigger than X
d) Z is the smallest

Challenge 7

a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) 9

Challenge 8 is one almost no one gets right

10 x 1 + 10 ÷ 10 = ?

a) 2
b) 11

Challenge 9

1/3 of 1/3 of 99, 999 equals:
a) 33,333
b) 11,111
c) 9,999
d) 3,333

Challenge 10 is the last one

1 + 1 x 1/4 + 1 – 1 = ?

a) 1.2
b) 1.25
c) 2.2
d) 0.25
e) 2.25
f) 0.2

Now that you have seen all 10 of these, how do you think you did? Was there one particular math challenge that confused you the most? Or did you breeze through these questions? Well, let’s find out- the suspense is driving us crazy!

Answers for Each Math Problem

If you are ready to see how you did, we have the answers below for each math challenge. In red, you will notice the most common incorrect answers, and in green are the right ones. Alright, here we go!

Math Challenge #Answer
1b) 9
2. c) 88
3. a) 65
4. c) 1, 2, 3
5. b) 27
6. c) Z is bigger than X
7. d) 9
8. b) 11
9. b) 11,111
10. b) 1.25

Well, how did you do? Better than expected we hope! If you enjoyed those tricky math challenges, we know you will love giving your brain some extra difficult problems to solve. Check these brain teasers out!

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