golden balloons shaped like numbers depicting the number 100
Jade Small
Jade Small
May 3, 2021 ·  1 min read

Maryland twins celebrate 100th birthday!

Evelyn Lowe and Elaine Foster, also known as the Maryland twins were born 100 years ago. On March 31st they celebrated their century of life with their families in Bowie, Maryland. As with celebrations during times of Covid, it had to be a socially distanced affair of course. This large family that includes many grandchildren and great-grandchildren had a festive celebration with balloons and banners decorated by a drive-by professional.  They also received proclamations from both Baltimore and Bowie County. Cheri Kidd, granddaughter of Elaine Foster chatted about the special birthday celebrations.[1]

My grandma said how important it was to eat bacon and eggs every morning, and drinking beer and sangria helps keep you healthy and live longer.”

Centenarians, Evelyn & Elaine’s advice on reaching this milestone

When Kidd was asked if she had any advice to share from the centenarian Maryland twins about reaching this milestone, she said:[1]

“They do their yearly doctor’s appointments, eat right, and try really hard to stay active. They are very well and capable of taking care of themselves.”

These women come from a line of those who age well, their mother reached an age of 103 years old.

Maryland Twins are Technically savvy and self-sufficient

Maryland twins, Evelyn and Elaine keep up with the times and are both computer literate. From paying their bills online to playing computer games. Both have iPhones too! Apart from being tech-savvy, they enjoy puzzles to fill their days. Both ladies worked for the United States General Services Administration in Maryland and Elaine also served in the army. [1]

Now thats an inspiration. Happy Birthday Evelyn & Elaine!


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