Woman with cancer gets married in hospital – passes away 18 hours later

When people read about love stories, most hope and pray it will have a happy ending. Sadly, one couple only had a few hours to appreciate their happily ever after. Heather Mosher was diagnosed with breast cancer, which came as a hard blow to her loved ones. This included her new fiance, who had proposed to her the same day they got the diagnosis. They held an impromptu wedding in the hospital she was admitted to and unfortunately passed away just a few hours later.

A Fatal Diagnosis

In 2015, Heather Mosher met the man she knew she was going to marry. They both attended a swing dance class and fell madly in love with each other. One year later, while David Mosher was planning on proposing to his love, Heather was receiving some devastating news. She had found a lump in her breast which the doctors advised was cancerous. No matter the shocking blow that the diagnosis provided, David went ahead with his plans to propose on Dec. 23, 2016.

Image credit: Facebook / Heather Lindsay

David took her out on a carriage ride where he popped the question. In an interview with a CBS news affiliate, David said: “She didn’t know I was going to propose to her that night, obviously, and I said to myself, you know, ‘She needs to know that she’s not going to go down this road alone.”

Only a few months later, the doctor warned them that the cancer had spread. It was now inside her brain. This prevented her from leaving the hospital as she required life support to survive. Heather was something of a miracle to her doctors. “We found out it was in her brain and a couple of months later, she was on life support with a breathing tube,” David said. “She was tough. Anyone else would have given up a long time ago. The doctors even said we don’t know how she’s still here.”

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An Impromptu Wedding

The wedding had initially been planned for one year after the proposal on December 30th, 2017. However, the doctors warned David that she might not survive until then. So, they decided to move the date up a bit, so that Heather could fulfill her dream of marrying the man she loved before she passed. Heather even sewed a piece of lace from her grandmother’s wedding gown to her own.

Image credit: Facebook / Heather Lindsay

Heather’s best friend, Christina Karas, was a bridesmaid at their impromptu wedding. She took it upon herself to record the day’s festivities. She managed to capture a photo of the newlyweds right after they said “I do.” Heather raised her arms triumphantly, regardless of how little energy she had left inside her. “We were losing her as we were all standing there thinking to hold on to this because it was it. … What we were seeing, what she was giving us, what she was giving him, was the last of what she had to give,” said Christina.

David explained how Heather, the love of his life, had held on to the very end. Even the doctors had marveled at her strength and resilience in the face of such a brutal disease. “I saw her sick,’‘ said David. “I saw her in a lot of pain and she didn’t give up until she married me. It is so humbling that someone could love me like that.”

Sadly, the happiness of the newlyweds was short-lived. Heather passed away less than 24 hours after they had said their vows. The date they originally planned for her wedding day was then designated to her funeral.

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