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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

Journalist Attempts To Shame Man For Proposing At KFC, Now Some Of The Biggest Companies Are Offering To Pay For Their Wedding

What is true love? What is real love? Love that has no hidden agendas doesn’t need much. It’s not fancy meals at fancy restaurants or fancy rings and fancy weddings. When you love someone truly, that special connection is all that matters. This story about a couple who got engaged after proposing at KFC is proof of that kind of love. Real love is not based on material things or others’ opinions.

This woman tried to shame a couple for proposing at KFC

Hector Mkansi and Nonhlanhla Soldaat were dining at a local KFC when he popped the question.

The team at the restaurant was surprised at the request, but they were helpful in creating the big moment. We received our meals, and when she looked inside, she found the rings, and that’s when I went down on my knee.

Hector Mkansi

While you might think the same way this woman did, we tend to think the exact opposite.

A woman named Anele posted a tweet about the proposal. Trying to destroy their special moment. In the tweet, she shamelessly wrote, “SA men are so broke they propose at KFC.. they have absolutely no class, I mean who proposes at KFC #KFCPropsal”.

Thankfully, her horrible and nasty tweet was since removed and she even set her profile to private.[1]

proposing at KFC tweet shame
Twitter @Butterfly_Anele

KFC decided to try to find the couple

The video footage of Hector proposing at KFC went viral, and it did not take long until KFC tried to find the happy couple.

KFC tweet
Twitter @KFCSA

The internet did not fail to disappoint in helping locate the newly engaged couple. And thanks to all the media attention the proposal footage received, a few more corporations jumped in to help support them on their new journey.

Here’s what proposing at KFC did for Hector and Nonhlanhla. They received countless gifts from some very generous companies and people who loved their story![2]

Huawei gave both Hector Nonhlanhla a brand new cell phone and Puma kitted them out in an estimated $680 worth of merchandise!

Twitter: @PUMASouthAfrica

Koo food gifted around $1,400 worth of groceries to the couple

Twitter: @KOO_Food

McDonald’s helped the couple attain their dream of having a honeymoon by offering them an all-expenses-paid trip to beautiful Cape Town, including VIP access to a Toni Braxton concert!

Twitter: @McDonalds_SA

And, adding to McDonald’s gift, Uber offered to sort out any transportation they would need while on their honeymoon.

Twitter: Uber_RSA

We don’t think hector had any idea how his proposing at KFC would enable him to provide so much for his new bride to be. The gifts did not stop there!

A well-known bank in South Africa offered Hector and Nonhlanhla a brand new life by wiping all their debt. Just incredible!

Twitter: @StandardBankZA

This jewelry company decided they too wanted to ensure the beautiful couple would have the perfect rings for both of them worth about $3000!

Twitter: @billydlamini

Traditional wedding attire and a chef for their special day was sorted.

Twitter: @ClarebAccessory
Twitter: @SuperKabza

And to top it all off, this company, Moremi Kitchens, gifted them a brand new kitchen!

Twitter: @KitchensMoremi

A Happy Ending

The couple was obviously overwhelmed by all the love they received. Hector never imagined proposing at KFC would end up being the best decision he could have made.

We are still in disbelief; both of us have to ask each other if this is really happening from time to time. We couldn’t be more grateful to God and every single person that has shared in our little love story. Our dream has come true; we never in a million years thought something like this would happen to us.”

Hector Mkansi

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