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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
January 21, 2021 ·  4 min read

Give your love to someone who will always choose you

There are so many people in this world, but only a few are worthy of your love. Life is precious, and so are your feelings. There are people you turn to for fun and people you turn to for solace. Some people will make you laugh but will shy away when you cry. Others make you feel very little for them, and some will use you. Don’t waste your heart on them. Give your love to someone who chooses you. 

Don’t give to someone who only takes

You’ve probably had unhealthy relationships in the past. You loved them, and they loved how you made them feel about themselves. When you ran to be by their side, they were angry at you for being late. When you gave them a present, they were ungrateful. You could never be enough for them. They taught you how to look down on yourself. They made you believe that you deserved their unkindness. When that relationship ended, you had become a shadow of yourself. You forgot how to feel appreciated and adored. The spark had dulled in your eyes. [1] 

Give your love to someone who makes you feel safe 

There are many people who you admire. Their presence gives you goosebumps. They are adoring and adventurous. You are gaining back your spark. You have fun. Life seems good. 

But there are some spikes in the relationship. You can’t criticize them without risking a fight. They may give you the cold shoulder. You are afraid to express certain interests for fear of their ridicule. You are hesitant to share secrets in case they don’t keep them.  

Still, you make excuses for them. Everything else is perfect, and you feel happy, or at least happier. Many of your interests overlap, and it’s great to have someone who understands. They make you feel like you could be better, that you have to be better. But they don’t make you feel like you could be yourself. 

Don’t stay in a relationship where you fear rocking the boat. Because sooner or later, life will rock that boat for you. Then what will happen? Stop investing time in a person who doesn’t accept the full you. 

It’s better to be alone and yourself then with someone and pretending. [2] 

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Give your love to someone who makes you happy 

Soon you will learn that love isn’t something you have to force; neither is it something someone else forces on you. Love comes naturally between two people who are kind, honest and enjoy each other’s company.  

It may come quickly like a falling raindrop. It could come slowly like a flower blooming in the spring. Love could hit you like lightning or gently like falling asleep. You will notice that you are happy. The fun and enjoyment you’ve experienced before fading in comparison. You are truly happy.

They don’t strike any fear in you or make you too nervous to speak. Every time you think of them, you smile because their presence gives you joy. 

They love you for who you are, your faults, your desires, your interests. And they encourage you to follow your goals, even when you don’t believe in them. You don’t have to pretend around them because you know they will stay loyal to you no matter what. [3] 

You change, not because they are forcing you but because their love makes you want to be a better person. Their love is like rain and you are a flower blossoming 

Give your love to someone who will love you back  

When life comes and gives you troubles, you don’t fear the rocking boat because you know your love is stronger than anything. And so is their love for you.  

Not only do they encourage you and believe in you, but they also make you feel comfortable in your own skin. They don’t make you feel undeserving of their kindness; they only want to do more for you.  

You talk about everything together with no fear of judgment. Your quirks only make them fonder of you, and your mistakes don’t tarnish their view of you. They know what you have done and what you have been through and still admire the person you are today. You have fun together, whether you are on an extravagant trip or sitting at home and cuddling. You work together to accomplish both of your goals and to face every obstacle. When you fight, your relationship grows stronger. You don’t worry because you are confident in their love and devotion to you. They will always choose you. 

Love becomes a game of who could give more to the other person. And you both end up winning every time. 

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