Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
December 7, 2023 ·  4 min read

Man Instantly Rejected From Job Interview After Failing Trick Test At Reception

In the 21st century, passing a job interview is quite a big thing. Most of us are already jittery when we sit for an interview- which could make or break our career. While there are certain tricks and tips that YouTube and other experts would inform us about, there are certain basics that everyone should know about before sitting for a job interview. And the most basic thing from the lot would be to be nice to everyone involved.

One can’t possibly hope to secure an interview if they are being rude to the interviewer- so why should you be rude to the janitor, the receptionist, or even the guard at the door? Since there is absolutely no need to be rude to these people, being rude to them could be quite a blight on their resume. 

Getting Rejected At A Job Interview Due To Poor Inter-Personal Skills

In a subreddit called r/LifeProTips, u/sawta2112 put out a post that talked about how any interview started right at the door. Posted a couple of years ago, this post spoke about how a candidate was rejected because they didn’t display basic manners and decency. [1]

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“Today, a candidate blew his interview in the first 5 minutes after he entered the building. He was dismissive to the receptionist. She greeted him and he barely made eye contact. She tried to engage him in conversation. Again, no eye contact, no interest in speaking with her. What the candidate did not realize was that the “receptionist” was actually the hiring manager. She called him back to the conference room and explained how every single person on our team is valuable and worthy of respect. Due to his interaction with the “receptionist,” the hiring manager did not feel he was a good fit. Thank you for your time but the interview is over.

While some of us may be thinking that the candidate was probably nervous, or didn’t want to waste time talking to people who were unimportant with regards to the job interview, that is one of the biggest mistakes one could make. Being nice never cost a thing- but being rude definitely took away a lot more! The post brought about a major discussion with other Redditors talking about their experiences. u/fluentindothraki stated, “Goes both ways. I once turned down a job because of the way the HR guy spoke to the receptionist.

The Interview Starts The Moment You Turn Up

Another poster added to it with, “I turned a job down because of the way the receptionist treated me. And it wasn’t just me, she treated people who walked in after me like they weren’t worth her time too. I watched from my seated place in the waiting area how she spoke to them and they were from one of their own supplier companies (I may have eavesdropped a bit). Like hell, I want to work in a place with a front of the house like that.”[2]

u/Irishblood1986 spoke about their own experience at a job interview. “Went in for an interview in high school and recognized the hiring manager as a former office worker at the elementary school I attended. Before I can even say hello she greeted me by the same nickname the school bully did back then. Walked out without saying anything.

Another poster had a very interesting point regarding the whole post that OP made. “I’ll add as someone who’s been on every step of the hiring ladder, even if the receptionist wasn’t the hiring manager, that receptionist will still get her two cents in at the water cooler while decisions are being made. In a few fields I’ve worked in, it wasn’t just the people in the conference room that were consulted before making an offer. Be on point at all times, every employee is a potential teammate and they’re all assessing you.

What Do Recruiters Look For In A Job Interview?

There are several bullet points that any interviewer would be looking for at a job interview. And let’s be clear- not all the points would be discussed sitting at the table. According to Dawn Moss, who has been helping candidates ace their interviews for close to 12 years, “I’ve rejected candidates because of their behavior towards people during the interview process.” There are several aspects to a job interview, and having knowledge about your field is just one among them. [3]

Moss states that recruiters would be taking note of the behavior of a candidate even before the interview has started. “Has the candidate attached a cover letter? Have they taken the time to tailor their CV? What was their attitude like during the conversation? How easy was it to arrange an interview date and time?” Dawn also mentioned that recruiters would look towards how a candidate would be interacting with members of the staff. “How a candidate talks to the security guards when they’re parking their car or being processed on arrival, how they talk to the receptionists, facilitators, interviewers, and so on are critical to their success.


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