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Jade Small
January 4, 2023 ·  3 min read

Madonna Christmas family post with lingerie leaves fans ‘uncomfortable’

The year has only just begun, and the world is already buzzing about Madonna’s latest escapades. However, squirming is probably a better word for it. Over Christmas, the Queen of Pop posted some rather interesting pictures that have left her fans feeling uncomfortable. Although, this is a feeling they become accustomed to when it comes to the 60-year-old singer. Her social media pages have made quite a name for her in recent years.

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Madonna is at it again

The video in question was posted by the “Material Girl” singer herself to her Instagram page. Not long after, there was much controversy in the comments section. Many people were left with an uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomachs after seeing the post. Of course, there were some die-hard fans that praised Madonna and wished her and her family a merry Christmas.

The video is a combination of sultry and family time. Madonna is all dressed up, as per usual. It starts off with a typical selfie video with the Material Girl staring at the camera with a serious expression on her face. It was unchanging and awkward with her own song, “Sanat Baby,” playing over the clip. She wears a fluffy hoodie with typical chains and dollar sign necklaces. She finished the look with a fluffy Santa hat, to give it that Christmas feel.

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A sudden change of events

Then, the post suddenly changes to an image of Madonna, and she has lost the fluffy hoodie. Now, she is wearing a black and white lacey lingerie-type top. She has angled the camera up and down in a sultry way. To top it all off, she has this seductive expression on her face with lips pursed.

Then, the clip changes again. This time it is an image of Madonna and her children. The post goes from sexy and seductive to wholesome and family vibes in a second flat. Her fans felt completely bombarded by her post’s strange ensemble of pictures. They felt it wasn’t a great idea to include a family picture in a post where she is wearing sexy lingerie.

Comments from Madonna fans

Naturally, there were many fans who could not help but express their concern for Madonna. Some fans were highly concerned that Madonna included her children in the post with her in lingerie. One fan said: “Erm I think social services need to get involved rn, this post is scaring the shit outta me rn.” While another said simply: “I’m uncomfortable.”

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There has even been some controversy that Madonna is not actually Madonna anymore. Although, they just mean that she’s acting like a completely different person. “This cannot be Madonna if it is then she’s lost the plot!! I am a fan and this isn’t my Madonna,” wrote one fan. While another said: “Who are you and what have you done with Madonna?” A third said: “So sad…. This is not Madonna I grew up with. She needs help and maybe a priest idk.”

Others just called for the singer to stop posting these so-called “creepy” posts. One person commented: “She could care less that her fans are so disappointed and wish she would stop all this embarrassing behavior. She’s let herself go mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically… It’s like she is trying to look bad and act bizarre.. why Madonna? Please stop!”

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