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Little Boy Finds Abandoned Stroller with Newborn Girl in Park, Years Later They Meet Again

Some things in life are just meant to be. Even if we don’t understand the rhyme or reason at the time. The most important thing we can do for ourselves, and others, is to be a good person and try to keep our word. Just by doing those simple things, the rest seems to fall neatly into place. If you’ve ever been through something that made you question why it was happening, this story is for you.

Surprise at the Park

Eric was only 7-years-old when he visited the park on that fateful day. Noticing how barren the place was, he was filled with a sense of curiosity. Scanning the playground with his eyes, Eric noticed something peculiar. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dark shape near the swingset. Walking closer to get a better view, Eric immediately recognized the strange object as a baby stroller.

Baby's Bassinet on Green Grass
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As Eric drew nearer, he heard the soft cries of an infant.

“Where is your mommy? Are you here alone?”

He took a closer look at the stroller and noticed a small note that had been left near the little girl’s bottle. Not being able to read the note fully, Eric did manage to grasp a few words. Realizing the baby had been abandoned, he quickly rushed home to get his parent’s help.

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Parent’s Reaction

Natalie, Eric’s mother, was washing dishes when she looked out the window and spotted Eric coming up the street. He was running at full speed with a stroller in front of him. Panicked, Natalie rushed outside to see what was going on.

“Eric! Why do you have a stroller with you? Where did you find it?”

“Mom! Someone left her in the park! Read the note, quickly!” Eric responded. Confused and worried, Natalie reached into the stroller to read the note. As she realized what the letter said, Natalie covered her mouth in shock and whispered, “Oh goodness…”

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The short letter explained that 18-year-old Madison couldn’t keep her infant baby any longer. Madison’s boyfriend had recently died, and her in-laws would not consider keeping her and the baby around. Without a job to support herself, and nowhere to live, Madison left her child in the park, hoping someone would find her.


Eric pleaded with his mother to keep the baby.

“Please mom, we can keep her? She’s just a baby…I’ll even help!”

Natalie told her son, “Sorry, son, but that isn’t how these things work. We must report this to the police. I’ll have to speak with your father when he gets home.”

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When Fred, Eric’s father, returned home from work that evening, he noticed his family acting a bit strange.

“Go to your room, Eric. Your father and I need to discuss this please,” Natalie told her son. Fred looked at Natalie with confusion and suddenly noticed the stroller in the room. Natalie handed Fred the note left in the stroller, and sighed deeply.

“I can’t believe someone would just leave her…she can’t be more than 6-months-old. Madeline is such a lovely name for a baby,” he said, reading the letter in full.

“Fred, what are we going to do about Madeline?” Natalie asked her husband. “All we can do is report this to the authorities and hope the mom comes back for her baby,” Fred replied.

Natalie and Fred kept the baby that night, with the plan of contacting a social worker in the morning. Madeline was so sweet and quiet, at one point Eric argued with his parents about keeping her.

“Don’t worry Eric. Madeline will get adopted so fast! There will be lots of mommies and daddies who want her in their life,” Natalie told her son.

Never Apart

The social worker collected Madeline the next morning and took her to the orphanage.

“May we still visit her from time to time?” Natalie asked the social worker.

“Do you plan on adopting her?”

“No, we just have grown very attached to her in this short time and my son Eric is rather emotional about all of this.”

Thinking the request was a bit odd, the social worker agreed and smiled. As such, Eric was allowed to visit Madeline as often as he wished. The two became good friends over the years, and Eric and Madeline truly enjoyed each other’s company.

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As the years continued and Eric became a teenager, he made a promise to Madeline.

“No matter what happens, no grownups will ever be able to separate us. I will always be there and we will always be best friends, Madeline. We’ll always find each other.”

Madeline was so happy to hear Eric say those touching words, and she agreed. “Oh Eric! You’re my best friend too and I’ll always find you too!”

Natalie waved to Madeline as she and Eric left to return home for the day. Fred mentioned to Natalie how nice it was to see Eric so happy when he spends time with Madeline and considered maybe they should’ve adopted her. Natalie was sure they made the right choice and told Fred it was for the best.

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Madeline Leaves

That was the last time Eric saw Madeline at the orphanage. When he, Natalie, and Fred went to visit her the following week, she was not there. A lovely family from upstate had adopted her. Eric was beside himself with grief.

Crying, the boy shouted at his mom, “But mom this isn’t fair! I made a promise we would never be apart and now she’s gone! Why didn’t you just adopt her?”

Natalie comforted her son by saying, “You know what, Eric? Right now Madeline is with a new family who loves her very much and will be blessed to have her in their lives. You may be apart temporarily, but something tells me you will meet each other again.”

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Eric remained bitter about the situation for the next few years. His mom always tried to reassure him that he and Madeline would meet again, but Eric felt saddened. He kept trying to locate Madeline but never got any answers. As he grew into an adult, he started losing much of the anger he held towards his mom and realized that one day she may be right about him and Madeline.

Friend Request

When Eric was 22-years-old, he was browsing Facebook one day and received a notification. It was a friend request from a woman named Madeline. Could it be?

“Madeline is it really you??”

“Yes!! It really is me!! I know I was only a child at the time, but I remembered you from the orphanage. You were the best thing that happened to me. And, I remembered our promise to each other.”

Over the next few years, Eric and Madeline continued to stay in touch over Messenger. The two shared their life stories and caught up with each other’s ups and downs. Eric told her about how he’s majoring in business, and Madeline told him about how she’s moving back to his hometown.

Not believing his ears, Eric was excited to see Madeline again. He surprised her at the airport with flowers and Madeline was smiling from ear to ear. She had brought her parents with her on the flight and introduced Eric to them.

“Mom, dad, this is Eric. The boy who saved me at the orphanage.”

The three of them had dinner together that night, and as Eric was leaving he asked Madeline on a date. She happily agreed and the two were together for a few years before Eric popped the question.

Happy senior couple hugging in autumn park
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The two have been married for nearly 40 years now, and they ended up keeping their promise to each other. Never apart, their wedding vows even included a part of the promise they made back at the orphanage.

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