This 3-year Cruise Visits 135 Countries on 7 Continents — and It Might Cost Less Than You Pay in Rent

The world has seriously changed in the last four years. After being locked inside our homes for so many months, more and more people are now seeking alternative ways to earn an income. Not to mention, choosing more desirable office spaces. Life at Sea Cruises travels for three years at a time has become the answer for many work-away fanatics. Now, people can pay an amount to live comfortably and explore the world, which could even be cheaper than paying rent. 

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Life at sea cruises: See the world from the comforts of your home

The dream for many people is to give up their nine-to-five jobs that limit their freedom. There is so much to explore in this world. But, the typical job barely offers enough paid leave. This is why so many people have chosen the nomadic life. They took an opportunity when it came their way and are now working from the comforts of their own home. The interesting thing is, their home could be anywhere in the world.

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If you are a remote worker and you love the ocean, Life at Sea Cruises might be the ultimate option for you. If you have frequented a cruise line in the past, you may have felt like the two or three weeks just didn’t cut it for you. Maybe you found yourself wishing it were longer or craving to return once you got home to your normal life. Well, this cruising life could be your norm – at least for three years.

Life at Sea Cruises has planned out a three-year voyage around the world. They are said to depart this year in November, so there is time to get on board with the idea. The MV Gemini cruise liner promises 375 destinations to look forward to, and a few days to explore each one at your leisure. You will travel 130,000 miles. The best part is, they have made it an affordable prospect – charging only $30,000 per person per year.

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What’s included?

Once you have committed to this three-year voyage worldwide, you must ensure your passport is in check and that you have a job that allows you to work from anywhere. Luckily, the ship is equipped with efficient WIFI and 14 office areas. Not only that, but there is an office library for those that need the occasional zoom meeting. The managing director of Life at Sea Cruises, Mikael Patterson, said in an interview with Travel and Leisure: “Professionals need connectivity, the right amenities, and the functionality to perform their jobs. There is no other cruise product that offers this sort of flexibility to their customers.”

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If you have retired and are concerned for your health while traveling, the Life at Sea cruise line has you covered. There is a fully functional 24-hour hospital. Director of sales and marketing, Irina Strembitsky, said: “Life at Sea Cruises offers the ultimate cruise without having to sacrifice the comforts of home. It’s your home at sea with the world as your backyard.”

Furthermore, all food and drinks are included in the $30,000 per year. That means you will not have to worry about grocery shopping, or paying your utility bills. Everyone has the choice to pay off the amount once a year and then kick back and enjoy the journey. Or, you can pay a monthly installment of $2,499. This makes it more accessible to more people.

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There are music concerts and karaoke nights, poolside relaxing, and sunbathing, a gym for those who love to keep a healthy lifestyle, cooking classes, other “learning and enrichment” programs, and so much more.

Destinations to look forward to

Over the three years at sea, there are 375 ports to disembark from, and 135 countries to explore. The cruise line is said to depart on November 1, 2023, from Istanbul. From there, you will get to explore so many of the exciting destinations this world has to offer. The Life at Sea Cruise line will spend multiple days at each of the ports, so every passenger can disembark to explore the land as they wish. Passengers can expect to see 13 of the world’s wonders. This includes sites like Machu Picchu, The Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, and the pyramids of Giza.

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